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Mesh Creator Needed for Slim, Medieval Avatar

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Hello to anyone reading this,

I typically enjoy running as feminine, male avatars and find myself having a very hard time coming across clothing. In this specific case, I have spent a lot of time and effort on an effeminate elf avatar for a medieval sim. Unfortunately I cannot find any regular clothes that aren't dresses to fit my body. Body setup is Maitreya with the V-Tech Boi Chest mod. I have tried countless demos and rigged mesh outfits, but none fit my body in a satisfying way. What I'd like, is a tunic like the image linked, complete with white sleeves beneath, and a belt/sash with a pouch. Some medieval-y slacks and boots would be great but aren't completely necessary as most lower wear tends to fit. It's just upper body that is way off. Let me know if you're interested in hire. My ingame name is "kleverkitsune".


Thanks in advance,

Jake (KleverKitsune)


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1 hour ago, ToscaJarvis said:

You should check out this vendor, it seems to match the style you are looking for. I dont know about the fit though, but you may be able to demo it. 



Thank you very much, that is the style I'm looking for, however the shoulders are a bit too broad and it doesn't fit my avatar as well as I'd like.

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