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Lokking to work as DJ

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My name is Alivia im a dj with lots of experience 

favorite Genre Trance also play electro-big room-trap-breakbeat  psytrance Goa psychedelic .

1) Im not a mic dj (radio djs etc)

im a mix dj  and its a big difference with other kind of djs as  to what u do when u perform(nothing wrong with that its just different style n different stuff u do)

2)im very social person tho i dont mic cause its my trance philosophy  im still social n participate in local chat

u will be amazed how much i can participate in local tho i live mix :) its simple i know my stuff.

i have a 320 stream with unlimited listeners with close to 100% uptime (never let me down so far)

here is a link of the stream service i use  https://geckohost.nz/order/aff.php?aff=32

now about the quality i kinda have a thing with quality thus the 320 stream thus i only buy 320 or flac 

but i recently learned that this game dont work very good with 320 stream but no problem i can set my stream lower.


About my djs skills :

i dont know what ppl do here as im 6 days here 

but personaly i live mix n that means for those that dont know i certenly dont play a track all the duration n just do a transition before track ends that thing an auto dj can do it  ....I mix 

about the way i mix : i love mix on the builds this mean on second build i mix another so each track is played from 45 secs to max 2 mins depending the track and what is my goal for specific party 

so no 12 tracks per hour :) i love action  that the particular style offers dynamic to the party n not let ppl sit n i love it 

ofc there other styles like build atmospere n keep it there but i can do everything 

but again i preffer make crowed go wild n hands up :)

HOW I MIX:there are many ways to mix 2 tracks from a simple transition to break fade to loop transition etc i do everything 


important : i can take requests of the genres i play as long us i have the track its not my philosophy to download a track fast from Youtube to play it cause someone requested it YTquality sucks n its not good for the producers n creators of those awesome tracks .

also if i have the time i can fast buy it from beatport or juno that are my main sources of the music i have  but its kinda hard mixing n persuasing music n download same time .


Now why i mention all this reason is simple ,i try be proffesional so here that i make this thread i think its important to say what i do n dont etc thats the simple reason i mention all above said 


i  live in Greece so the times I can DJ are from like 6pm gmt3 to like 02 am gmt3 means 8am SL time to 2pm SL that's for week days

weekends i can do same hours but way earlier n way after .

So if u need a dj plz drop a pm(IM) here or in game 

i preffer to not fill an aplication n get tested on the fly if needed no problem here 

now if u want to listen to a set or a demo  tho im not fun of recording stuff i have a power set made on my 1st steps as dj this set was made to honor some of my favorite tracks back then .

here is the link n also u can follow me  tho i dont do many uploads cause recording im kinda against but anyway other than that im active there 

my mixcloud 


that set got 13th place on hardtrance n 93d on uplifting trance  it was my very 1st set with 0 followers  hehehehee.


More info :

im 20 YO


i studdy networks n multimedia in greek university n another payed school 

university now again on October 

i do some history private lessons 3 times a week 

i love pink, sea blue sky ,trance is my forever lover 

those are some info i can share 

i dont share nude pics i dont do sex skype etc 

i just want to party n dj n play my music ,meet cool nice people n have interaction with other djs 

love to hang out in game ,support my friends tho i dont have many friends now hehehe

im a lil naughty but thats not a dj problem ;)


concider this as a kind of bio :)



ty in advance for reading my small bio Aka request for job 

i leave u now with a ..................


if u want to ask more feel free but im sure i covered all that a bio needs to have :)


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