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Second Life Calendar

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Within Second Life is the implied & explicitly suggested Realm or World of Agni. As well is a 4 hour day cycle, with implied 6 hypothetical days within each real day & 60 approximate real days within a hypothetical year cycle.

I would like to make proposal of a formal Agri Calendar development.

Within the Agri Calendar is 10 months with 36 days within each month & 360 days within an Agri year. There are as well 7 days within each week. The names of the days & the months actually would be based upon Theories of "Pi", with names like, "Pi", "Pythagora", "Ptolemia", etc. (with implied request to not include Latin faux suggestions of "equivalence" ((I've had enough. Thanks.)).)

I'm an OpenSimulator Software coder, & your comments are somewhat variably welcome.


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Note: I realized, with consideration of coding for Time Zone settings, an implied necessity to code a [GridCalendarService] & CalendarModule for Robust & Region servers.

The viewer code will necessarily need a patch to reference the server for fetching time zone settings, if applicable.

The Grid & Regions will utilize the Agri Calendar of default settings. The Robust will utilize UTC time zone setting of default value. Each Region then has implied Region Time, which reflects the number of hours within each day cycle.

As well, I think to include a Grid Calendar Setting for utilization of other Calendars, with inclusion the 10 month Greek Calendar, the Egyptian Calendar, Julian Calendar, Babylonian Calendar, Oriental Calendar, & the Mayan Calendar.

The Calendar date would be calculated according to the passage of time between 12:00 am, January 1st of 1970 & the system time stamp upon reckoning calculation, with variable "date of reckoning" setting for when the Agri Calendar is utilized to account for the passage of time between the custom "date of reckoning" & the system time stamp upon reckoning calculation.

Suggestions for other historical Calendar settings to include in the coding of the Calendar modules would be welcome.


(I think that's about all.)

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1 hour ago, CoffeeDujour said:

The new windlight features coming from LL may allow for arbitrary SL length days

Yep, that was going to be my comment LOL.   


And some of us always run on "boring building neutral" (home made) as that is the easiest to work under.     :D.   

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On 11/06/2018 at 1:01 AM, JasonClandestino said:

I'm an OpenSimulator Software coder

Then why don't you just do it, instead of only copying what LL does? That's what the Firestorm people do, although I believe that they have to get the go-ahead from LL for any additions to the viewer that they come up with. You don't need any go-ahead from LL because you're not using LL's programming.

Or maybe you've already done it.

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I'm still waiting to hear WHY SL needs it's own "calender", other than the...

On 11 June 2018 at 1:01 AM, JasonClandestino said:

implied & explicitly suggested

...need of some people to force that whole "immersive para rp trash uber alles" thing on people by making them say... 

"... and remember, our next club event will be from 00:00 to 12:00 SLhours on Clueless-RP-Asshats-Day 7 SLweeks from now (( noon till 2 pm SLT next Saturday for you OCC people )) ..."

*rolls eyes*

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2 hours ago, Klytyna said:


Nope, that will not do, it is seven letters, and we can only have six days for a base 36 counting system. So, I propose we use SLeeks as the name for the time period defined by 6 SL days. One SLeeks is thus officially the same as 1 Earth day. It breaks down when we get to Mars, but by then Sansar will be booming with at least 20 concurrency, so by then a Sansar Week can be seven days to match the Martian day.

Kly, I further propose we name the days of the SLeeks as following:

Whimpiday (Stipends are paid on Whimpidays, but as there are 7 SLeeks in an Earth Week we need to change to a L$43 stipend).
Ebbesday (We can change this as we progress through CEO versions, ie Philsday was v1.0 then came Mday as v1.1 and Rodday as V1.1a, Ebbesday is V1.1b-RC1)
Buyday (Ideal for event openings)

Now, where was my catnip?


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2223 days.

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