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Mesh Artist for hire

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I'm offering services for custom mesh under a few guidelines and rules:


- I have a few limits on what can and cannot be done, best thing to do is contact me and I can give you more than a yes or no.

- NSFW is fine, I take pride in the work I'm doing regardless (Within TOS, Laws and common sense).

- All items come with a full, final commission price, no more is paid upon agreement (additional requests made after payment are accepted as new commissions)

- Exclusive items have an additional fee, otherwise all rights belong to me and I have the ability to do what I see fit with the item in question.

- Be timely with our correspondence (Larger projects especially, you will still be charged for agreed hours) and make fair attempt to make me aware of any time you will be away for, as will I. 

- I offer graphics design to a lesser extent, this typically depends on what you need.

Find out more about inZoxi and pricing: SiteSketchfab Pagestore front, these include samples of my work, you can also attain a viewing by contacting me in world, details below on how to do that.


What do you need from me?

First of all, visit inzoxi.co.uk for pricing, if you're all set from there then go ahead and send me either a notecard in-world or an email with a basic overview of your project and any references (images) you can provide me with, we will work out a final total from there.

I won't be responding to any messages on this forum, please contact me either via email (hello@inzoxi.co.uk) or in-world at Zoxin Resident.


What happens if you cannot complete my commission?

You will be paid back what you have paid in (be it half or full) if I cannot complete your request - I've got better ways of making money than being a con artist. Please appreciate that these things do happen and may be able to re-accept your request at a later date.


Thanks for your interest,

Zoxin  (Inworld Profile)

inZoxi Creator.

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