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I'm teaching Tamil language and Tamil culture(தமிழ்)

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தமிழை வாழவைப்போம் வாருங்கள் ! Tamil is one of the oldest language and still is being used worldwide in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia. Even, there are proofs in India that Tamil is the oldest language. The reason the proofs aren't enough because many are not existent now because its that old and well, once the library in Sri Lanka got burnt up, leaving us only the literature of out Last Sangam. Most of the literature of First and Second Sangam has been burnt. Anyway, even my history knowledge for Tamil is stil developing day by day. I'm striving everyday to learn my root well.Though, I consider myself good with my language usage as I've received formal education for it. So, anyone worldwide who wanna learn this wonderful classical language and whoever with Love towards Tamil language, please join in with me. We shall Learn and Share Tamil in a beautiful journey.

p.s: FYI, I know how to speak Malay and English too.

p.s: தமிழ் வாழ்க ! 

Do check out this video in Youtube by Alex Collier to boost up your interest, and well, to know the truth.Enjoy and I'm hoping to chat with you all curious people soon. =D



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2 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

Interesting ... video of a nutter who doesn't understand linguistics, not so interested. o.O

[irony] But the that Alex dude wears his hair Klingon style isn't that proof enough?  [/irony]

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The title text which seems to say "on the Implimentation (sic) of Numerous ET Languages on Earth by the Negative ETs to Divide and Separate Earth Humanity" certainly raised my eyebrows but I started it anyway, and sure enough, just a few seconds in he tells us that the entire world used to speak Tamil, which is just rubbish. I stopped there.

Anyway, I hope that is not what you are calling "the truth". If it is a genuine language and culture course, then best of luck with it.

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