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Viss Bunny Head and Kemono Body Advice?

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Hello all! This is my first post in the SL forums, and I was hoping you could help me.


Recently, I got a very cute skin mod that requires both the Viss Bunny head and the Utilizator Kemono body.




It looks very cute and I would love to try it out. However, I do not know how to get the head to work on the body. Currently, the eyes refuse to stay in the head, in place, and constantly clip outside of the head. I have already contacted the store owner, but have yet to receive a response. I assume they are most likely busy, but I would love to get this mod working as soon as possible. Their instructions did not come with details on attaching the head to the body, so I am at a loss.

Another important detail is that I am using the fitted kemono mod.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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ad says the mod comes with a shape, have you tried their shape with and without fitted kemono mod? eye issue usually from incompatible shape head sliders (eye sliders, head size sliders)

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The Fitted Torso shouldn't be causing any issues - its just an add-on designed to more closely follow your shape sliders (I use it myself for my more effeminate male feline form changes).

As the poster above has suggested, the issue is more likely the shape of your head under the object attachment.

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