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Karina Leborski

Sexy clothes

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9 hours ago, janetosilio said:

I’m a little dubious when someone says “sexy”clothes. In my experience they want to dress like a camp counselor or they just don’t know what an normal woman’s outfit looks like.

Yes I know this is a necro post. But whatevs.

Normal can, depending upon how it is deployed, be very sexy, I think.

I think that generally there's in any case too much focus upon "sexy" clothing, and what it shows off or reveals.

My best and sexiest assets, I think, are not my boobs and my tush -- in SL or RL. And people who don't get any further than checking out how much cleavage or thigh I'm showing are frankly missing out.

Which is fine: I'm not much interested in someone whose imagination or interests are that limited anyway.

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Personally, I think someone who is obsessed about how other people are dressing their avatars in a virtual world probably have deeper questions to ask themselves.

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