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Flex Beach Gym @Jibber is a community gym with SML, Non- SML & aerobic equipments. It is a hangout for everyone. 

We are opening up the gym for fun aerobic sessions and looking for 2 freelance aerobic instructors.

As our aerobic instructors:

1. You choose your own time slot to run the aerobic session as often as you like.
2, You get to rez your own tip jar and keep 100% of the tips you make.
3. If  you have a routine weekly event, you get our support to market your events.

Each aerobic session will run for 45 minutes.
You are require to:

1. Run your event at least once a week for any time slot.
2. Work independently to bring in your own traffic.
3. Use our aerobic dance pad.
4. Market your event under the Flex Beach Gym branding.
5. Be friendly and respectful to all visitors.

Our support:
1. Music streaming
2. Rezzing of your own tip jar.
3. Event graphics
4. Instructors that run event frequently and consistently get special rez right.

1. Avatar with at least 1 year in Second Life.
2. Experience in hosting is essential.
3. Friendly and respectful of others
4. Knows how to invite people through various means and channels
5. Reliable and responsible.
6. Use of voice is not required.
7. DJing experience and knowledge of operating streaming/Dj equipment is a plus but not necessary.

Flex Beach Gym @Jibber

Interested party please IM MableSims Resident 

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