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#DesiredPlayGround Hiring Dancers/DJs

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Desires playground is hiring
We are after dedicated staff members from around the world to join our growing team, we are after all staff, Managers Escorts, Dancers, Dj's and Hosts 

Managers must have experience in the club business, be in the club at least 10 hours per week to earn there weekly wage with the chance of a increase after proven dedication, hire all kinds of staff members and have the club on there Picks!

Dancers and Escorts must be over 18 in RL and over 14 days in SL , Must speak English with no translator know how to emote. Work for tips alone you will get 90% of each tip earned,. Bring in guests to the club and have the club on there picks!

Dj must have their own stream commit to at least 2 sets per week, 100% tips, voice is optional and have their set times on there picks!

Hosts can be trained and must commit to 2 sets per week, 100% tips, keep local chat going invite guests, send notices, promote the DJ, club and dancers and have the club in there picks! 

if interested please contact Drunkendesire resident or geo.ravinelli for info

Desires PlayGround


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