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Rental Staff - Sales and Support - 2 positions available

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We are looking for two friendly outgoing people to work in our 6 Sim rental community at Darling Estates in sales and support.

The basic work is simple: Show people around if they need assistance, help them find the right rental home, parcel of land for sale, or skybox rental, and be available to answer general support questions. The prerequisites are a friendly nature, patience, the ability to learn and retain information about our entire community of Sims, have a translator or be familiar with translation procedures (Google), and be online more than a few hours a day.

We do not require that you stay at the offices all of the time, but you must be logged into the support board for the times you are working.

The initial compensations are limited to a provided living accommodation (skybox apartment) in the Sims and a small commission on every new rental you close and retain. You will also have full access to all of the amenities and public areas of the community. As your role grows the compensation will, of course, rise and modify. This is dependent on if we retain your services beyond the probationary period.

We are currently remodeling some parts of our community,  so there are many open rental parcels now available. The opportunities are there for the right 2 people. If you are looking to "get rich quick" this position is not for you. We want people who will love our community as much we do and will endeavor to help it succeed.

In you are interested in working with us, please contact our General Manager, Markham Weatherwax, in-world by IM or notecard.


Darling Estates Rental Offices and HQ



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Thank you for all of the wonderful responses and inquiries. We have filled both positions. You can contact our manager to be added to our list of people to contact when new positions come up.


Thank you! :)


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