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Cloud Nine (Gardens of Grace)

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Cloud Nine
Gardens of Grace

A group of islands with stunning nature and covered in so-subtle animation spots.
I felt at home within a couple of minutes.
Most spots are romantic, but some are real funny and there's also Tai Chi and Lotus.

The tier is moderate, but it is also a Memorial SIM so rules apply:

Aridis Inaka's 'Crow Bot :
Welcome to Gardens of Grace.
Please feel at home and respect those visiting this sim.
Absolutly no nudity and no solliciting. Thank you.

When I arrived it was dark night so I waited...
And when the lights grew strong again I went back to the entrance for my Rose Petal Ride.
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cloud Nine/128/128/34
Afterwards I got lost but Sim Guardian Maleficent helped me out very kindly.


5b0f35db3d403_Cloud1.thumb.jpg.d10a74551a9d91a3aa0b9d0376ca8286.jpg5b0f35e5798df_Cloud2.thumb.jpg.c41c89a34861d40ba91536ab146a3e15.jpg5b0f35ed179ad_Cloud3.thumb.jpg.1ba4761e028fa1f0418868699ef69926.jpg5b0f35face3ec_Cloud4.thumb.jpg.01b3ab5af33bc3d986f71390c0c96c0c.jpg5b0f3603f2b13_Cloud5.thumb.jpg.8f9b83d80a618b03809b0c23ee598be0.jpgCloud 6.jpg5b0f3646a83cc_Cloud7.thumb.jpg.3d6dbb663a3946e02d50b39bd43078f1.jpg5b0f3680b37a9_Cloud8.thumb.jpg.f471f9846a643bbae538b72bf5d3ef99.jpg5b0f36724b742_Cloud11.thumb.jpg.b5d708b6a26de4d541286127ecb295c0.jpg

<3 JaJa

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