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Seeking Staff for new RP Sim!

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The epicenter of the Bridgewater Triangle. Surrounded by Forests and Swamps, it has been noted through history as the most active supernatural sight beside the Bermuda Triangle. There are legends that this is where everything started. That the gates of Dreaming, The Under were centered here, that this was here the first races came through before man could even make fire. There are rumors that the Tribunal reside here and watch over the people, yet no one could ever point them out or explain their presence.



 I am currently in the process of Opening a New RP Sim. Building is starting this week!  We are in need of a few positions to help get the sim up and going well.. 

Admins Needed

Event Planner

Sim Promoter

Leads Needed

*Mortal Ambassador

*Lycan Lead

*Divinae Lead ( Angels )

*Daemon Lead ( Demons ) 


 For more questions Please message or notecard me in world, as my messages often get capped. 

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