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OK so i've been single for a while now on SL and now im ready to meet some people and see where things go.

Im 26 from Georgia. At the moment im taking a break from college but i do attend. I dont have any family on SL or kids. Im single in RL and no kids in RL. I like to think im humoress and outgoing at times. I may come of shy at first but i will loosen up quick. Im a straight female looking for a straight male. I like nerdy so dont think im one of those girls who wants a very "street guy".  I m creative so someone who has an imagination would be great.

So yeah...we can talk more in world. Just add me or send a PM my way

In World: KittyVLow

I have an IG if you would like to follow as well its Kvp_Klow

Cant wait to meet some people


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Places in world to make friends you can make a panel to find a friend or meet and have conversation.

Join the group its free in world and board panel only 1L.  Its dating places also to find a friend many people do they voice or  type chat to meet up  in world  board to explore or play a board game whatever your looking for.


Second life connection.

Land Mark:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lancashire/94/126/24

Actually Love Dating Agency

Land Mark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy/105/163/23

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