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I'm sorry I know this has been posted a billion times, but I am just starting out with making clothes in SL.. So far I am able to make them in Marvelous Designer but I am having SUCH an issue with exporting and importing into blender.. Bone rigging and whatever else.. Is there a "recent" tutorial that talks you through it slowly? All the ones Ive seen have been out of date and it's hard to keep up considering the programs are so different.. I hope someone out here can help.. Again.. sorry if this has been asked.. I'm in dire need of advice.. thanks again



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This is probably off topic but I don't recommend working with Marvelous Designer as a beginer to 3D modeling. It's an excellent design tool, but it will not make you a good 3D modeler, just like CAD programs are great at designing parts for machining or floor plans but aren't so great at producing clean and optimized 3D models.

You should start with the basics of working with polygons in blender so you get actual control over what your model is going to look like, and a deeper understanding of blender, it will be much easier for you to recover from mistakes and from that point, to move on to more advanced topics.


This is a very good starting point and covers most of the core concepts of polygon modeling and producing game grade assets.

(If someone can link to something that doesn't involve paying a subscription for latter chapters, I unfortunately don't have one "on hand" at the moment, the earlier chapters are still something you should follow)

Once you become proficient with those, THEN armature and weight painting will be just that 'extra step'.

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