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Looking For Model Position

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Below is a response which I wrote in another thread (on this subject)..... tho it still applies (if not directly)

Hi’s.... up front I’ll let you know that I know very little of a modeling career in SL. I have considered, and searched tho with few results. For most part, it appears to me, it’s a DIY development of you avatar And image. There are schools/academies for training, which come at a cost.... as well as all your items you’ll be modeling (read as no freebies here.. especially for GOOD stuff) That body, shapes, skins as well. 

Another is you’ll need to develop and grow your ‘image’ and ‘brand’ thru your profile (minimally) and on other sites such as blogs, social media, etc.

in short.. all is effort and work! The  Jobs will come to you if you do well for yourself. Don’t miss events to show off/strut yer stuff at events! SL15B is one you don’t want to miss, btw!!   Ahh.. yes, get out and Network!!!   

Good Luck!!   and THANKS for pictures!!


(I don't know how to 'link' past replies into a new thread... if there is actually a way to accomplish that here)

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Modeling in SL is the dream job of many. You'll just stand there looking pretty, you've got an avatar that you're happy with and think look better than most others, you'll just be showered in clothes and accessories and have all the attention you could ever dream of...

Unfortunately the reality is quite different. It's hard work, it's expensive for as long as you don't have sponsors - and to get sponsors you generally have to have an established blog, for which you need, well, well-modeled and well-shot pictures.

In truth, most models are alts to the photographers or creators themselves. Why pay for someone else to do something for you, that requires you to explain and communicate to get them to do what you want rather than simply doing it yourself.

Model schools are either RP or... Frankly a rip-off. There's no information there that you can't find on the forums or in photographers' blogs. 

Judging by your pictures, I'd focus on finding your optimal photo settings and then play around with zoom and perspective for framing your shots. Just play around with it, the pressure of going 'professional' is quite strenuous. Make a Flickr, have fun with it - look at other people's work for inspiration, make friends with people in the photography community and pick up tips and tricks along the way. If you enjoy doing that, congratulations on your new hobby - if you feel it isn't for you, you're better off doing something else in SL.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 861 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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