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Zipe Kirkorian

2048 great views, water next to cliffs, peaceful, affordable

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I'm selling my home in Sienso Tala (Moderate) to move somewhere bigger: it's a lovely 2048 water parcel set at the bottom of snowy cliffs. There is abandoned land behind the plot (the cliffs - which are very unlikely to ever be bought up) and to one side which is water. Sometimes it is sailable, depending on the status of other water parcels (at the moment it is not, but parcels seem to get abandoned frequently). It's a nice spot to make home, and I can transfer some of the contents to the new owner, including the flying islands and the beach / grassland platforms. I can also leave the house in situ, though it's no transfer. You'd be better off buying your own house in time, but it would get you started.

You can view it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sienso Tala/92/122/55

That will land you at my house, which is currently on a flying island, to benefit from the sea views. You can fly down to the ground level or use the teleporters. (hint: find the 'beware of the leopard' sign)

I've set it as L7,500. Willing to listen to sensible offers :)

Sienso Tala_001.png

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Still available, though currently split into two halves. Both will be available to buy if you want them. Best to IM me or drop a notecard, or reply here for clarification.

Open to offers.


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