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is it possible for 2 premium members to combine their land allotment to get a bigger parcel?

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It certainly is!  Coffee has pointed you to a good, official article on this.

One thing bears repeating.  Groups can own 10% more Mainland than the actual tier donations to the group.  So in your case, if both of you donate all of your free land tier to a group, it can own (1,024 + 1,024) x 1.10 = 2,252 sq. m.  Some land parcels are sized to appeal to buyers who plan to take advantage of this.

Be sure you do the steps in the right order.

  1. Find the land you want to buy
  2. Sell or abandon any other land you own, and any Linden Homes
  3. Form the group which is to own the land.  Only one of you should be in the Owner role, to prevent any later arguments or Drama.  You should agree in advance what the owner owes the other, if anything, should you later decide to split up.
  4. Both of you donate your 1,024 free tier to the group.  Use the group's "Land and $" tab to do this.
  5. Go to the land you want to buy.  Right click the ground and choose About Land.  (NOT "Buy This Land")
  6. Be sure you have your land group active!!!! (The tag for that group shows in the nametag over your head, and it is shown as Active and in boldface in the People/Groups window.)
  7. In the About Land window, click "Buy for Group".  If you have already donated your tier to the group, you don't need to click "Owner Makes Contribution with Deed."
  8. Enjoy your new land with your friend!

I teach a class about Land on Saturdays, at 12 noon SL time, at Caledon Oxbridge University.  It's free to attend!


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