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I had the following conversation yesterday with a friend as we were saying good night (I've changed her name for TOS purposes).  Please note the two messages in bold.  

[2018/05/08 18:53]  Miss X: ty
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Hettange Ferryhill: You're welcome.
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Miss X: sweet
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Second Life: Miss X is offline.
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Hettange Ferryhill: I'll see you tomorrow.
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Second Life: Miss X is online.
[2018/05/08 18:53]  Hettange Ferryhill: Hugs.

As you can see, after she appeared to go offline, there was a message saying that she was online.  Also, I sent two messages, neither of which were followed by "User not online -- message will be stored and delivered later," as if she were still online and had received them.  Finally, she continued to appear as online on my friends list.

This type of thing has happened in the past with other friends.  Because it sends a mixed message, I wanted to know if it were just an SL or Firestorm glitch when someone logs off or if this is what happens when someone clicks the eye next to your name to make themselves appear to be offline to you.  If the latter, it could obviously lead to conflict.

I did do an experiment with a friend today where I asked her to click the eye next to my name so that she appeared to be offline to me.  I didn't get the same results, however.  There was no "So-and-so is online" message following the message that she was offline, and she was no longer listed as online on my friends list.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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It's a glitch.

When a user logs out of Second Life, a process is initiated which tells each of the varied server systems they have logged out. The first one to get this message is the server that handles Online Status for the Friend's List.

Unfortunately it can get confused if an IM is sent to a user while the servers are in the middle of processing the log out and mistakenly show them as online even after the message has been sent to you that they've logged out.

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