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It is with great pleasure we announce the marriage of Imperial Prince Alex Raven of Zerzura & Citizen Kim Kelso.  Their ceremony will be on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 12pm PDT. All are welcome. The ceremony will be held in the temple in Zerzura and officiated by Father Kardar, the Groom's Uncle.

This RP will begin a new story line in Zerzura, that is open to all to add too. We offer all levels of RP and encourage tolerance and support teach better skills. Our genre is fantasy. Do check our website for more background information on our backstory and ethos https://caliroffo.wixsite.com/zerzura

Do drop in and join us....will you be a drunk guest? A disruptive God? A jealous woman wanting to have the Prince herself? Sky's the limit...come and make some new friends

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlit Gardens/101/46/30



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Can I be the demonic entity that shows up the moment they've kissed to remind the groom that I now have upheld my end of the bargain and that I'll be having his soul? Oh, or who'll whisper in the ear of the bride that I expect my payment for our deal in nine months at which point she goes hysterical and claws her own eyes out?

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