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Drunken Sailor Marina Properties http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/171/217/21

Stop by for a list of all of our proprieties


Why should you rent from us?


Low rates, extra prims available to rent or for playing with while you are online, great community, themed with no ugly or out of place builds, sound effects and visual effects to enhance your experience, private marina not opened to the public, you are not trapped on a small parcel of land the marina is yours to use which includes a semi-professional photo studio, sandbox, tiki bar and lounge which you may invite your friends to hangout and use, support with building, landscaping and all your needs from our staff. 7Seas Fishing available on all water surfaces, direct access to 14 protected water regions. We are happy to customize your experience for you. Residents have the ability to invite friends to the group as many as you like. Share prims with friends and family. Residents have the ability to freeze, eject and ban griefers, trouble makers and people causing general drama. this is a mature region and we have no rules per se except common sense and Linden Labs Terms of Service. 


Available immediately -- This includes the apartment, boathouse and the large dock to the left, connects to 14 protected waterways 300 prims $399 



Hoseboat dock -- House boat row, does NOT have access to the opened water (you may launch boats from the West dock. this space is perfect for a house boat or fixed position boat to live on.  150 prims $150 



Unfurnished beach house with great view of the ocean  200 prims $149



Skyboxes and platforms available for .5L$ per prim




Marina 1_001.png

Marina 1_002.png

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