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So, may I please premise this with:

Please, do not bombard me with "just go look on the MP lol" responses! Thank you! ^^

To be fair, I've looked. <3

For these plights, I'm honestly hoping for some personal experiences that can relate to the topics I'm seeking so that I don't end up just buying everything and end up not liking but one thing. >< suggestions of places to look still appreciated too. <3 if you have to suggest MP, links or names of stores would be fantastic. <3

So! First! I'm looking for pets--any kind, I'm open at the moment. And what I mean by pets is:

Non-player/avi/scripted/interactive sorts of pets. Not breedables, either, please.

Think maybe something like a dog, for example, that I might rez at my place and it goes off to do its thing and wander around to sort of bring some life to my home. I'd like to be able to give it commands and maybe feed/care for it and maybe even play with it if the sophistication is there in the design, but I would prefer not having to spend excess Linden outside of what I paid to own the dog to do that.

But if paying a couple Linden here and there is a thing in ownership, I'm not entirely ruling the option out--it's just not my preferance.

I don't know much else about these sorts of things to offer more specifics, so I'll just say I'm up for any suggestion when it comes to prim and those minute specs. 

I've dug around on the internet and found an old old thread in the forums that had a similar topic and people suggested LoLo, VKC, A.I.F, and Jian. 

But I think that was a 2011 thread and just wanted to know if you Forum Lovelies knew of any others with it being about 7 years later, or if you guys knew of these and maybe could give some advise on how any of their products fair?

I know VKC you can train the animals and Jian had followable furbabies, but that's the extent of my knowledge on those I listed above and I remember both being a wee bit expensive to buy sort of blindly. ><

I just recently found Free Bird and bought a few hamsters from them. They have cute, little creatures that you just click once a week to care for them and they run around on their own in their little containers. For the price, I think they're adorable and worth it. Not extremely prim heavy either; though I think I'd like a little more interaction than that and maybe bigger animals.


In a similar vein, I'm also looking for interactive plants I could maybe grow in an SL garden? I don't mean anything as sophisticated as a breedable that needs me to purchase A, B, and C or a farming/life simulator, but definantely maybe something that still produces a product I could show/give to others or use as decor.

I don't have any specific plant types in mind, and once more, I'm not trying to be specific on prim and those details either.

In my research, I've found Free Bird also has these sorts of things but the end result doesn't give any item or anything and the product you purchase from them only needs to be clicked once a week for care.

I've also found the Nexus cannabis plants that do result in things you can give to people, but this is where I'm hoping someone has some insight as to how well this works and likes or dislikes they could share. <3

But the idea of the Nexus plant is sort of what I want, where I have to invest a little time and "care" without, preferably, paying extra Linden outside of the initial purchase and maybe end up with a made product (even if it's the same thing) over and over after the growth cycle is finished.

And to back track a little, I'm not entirely opposed maybe to a farming simulator sort, I've personally used Aura for a few months now, but I'm not really trying to get into something that requires me to maintain my character as if she were a Sim in the Sims games--like needing to eat and so on. I'm aware of Life2 and G&S (I think it is), and I thought those two were similar to Aura in the maintaining your character aspect. I haven't tried DFS and am not aware if it works similar to the others; but I do know with DFS you have to buy (for instance) a cow for fertilizer (which you then care for all seperate) for the plants or just the fertilizer, since it eventually runs out.


Sorry for the long post, but thanks to all of ya and any suggestions!

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I don't know about plants but Jian have great wandering pets you can just rez, set range and leave.  I have a dog, a cat and a peacock.  Some I got from gacha resells on the MP for very reasonable prices and some I bought at the main store

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Peacock pets? ^^ that's really cool! <3 i didn't know Jian had those. n.n

I sort of want a little more than just wandering around, but the suggestion was still awesome! It sounds like you really enjoy the pets you got from Jian!

Do they run or ghost into things?

Thanks for your advise, Cindy!

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It may depend on the pet... my peacock definitely pushed me out of his way, when me and my WaterHorse horse stood there for too long.
For my liking, Jian's pets are simply the most beautiful on the grid right now, especially the dogs. And goats. My goat buddy is the best buddy.
The pets have resizer scripts and different fur textures to choose from. 

Black Bantam has some holdable, perhaps also rezzable pets. You can also check the gacha second-hand market for those.

If you like the Kittycats look, you can also turn them into permapets, but I believe that was quite expensive, above 1000L or more.

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I looooove my Waterhorse!

I just had to get the Clydesdale when they made one. <3

And thanks you two!

It's cool to know the Jian pets come with resizers and color options so I don't have to just buy a new one everytime I want a new design. ><

And I've never heard of Black Bantam, I'll def give them a good looking at! <3

I knew that about the Kittycats, I bred a few when I first got into breedables; they do get pricey. But I didn't think of that option, turning them into permanent pets, so thanks for the reminder, Lillith!

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You already have a waterhorse.. so how about riding out in true medieval royalty style? Go hunting with a bird of prey. Calli Kit falconry offers some really great birds (but their scripts are a bit high). You will need to have rez rights on land to use them at full potential, but even without they will randomly take off and catch grasshoppers. As far as I know the hand animations in the falconry HUD are Prio 4, when I tested them with the waterhorse rezzer at the WH sim the arm animations stayed in place while riding around.

Right now she is working on some wolves that will allow the birds to hunt some bigger game after they stir it up (no idea when she will be done though, but the prototype can be seen hopping around together with an AIF husky in her store's garden)

Interactive cats can be found from Virtual Kennel Club (VKC), AIF (artificial inteligence friends), I think Zoobies and yeah by permapetting Straycat or KittyCat breedables.

Interactive dogs are also available from VKC and AIF, I think Biobreeds and some others have breedable permapetable dogs.

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Ohhh! That falcon pets sounds pretty kickbutt, TBH! 83

Thanks for the heads up on it! <3 I'm def going to go check them out. x3 And it's cool that you can wear it around with the WH!

Also, Zoobies are one I never thought to go visit. I'll def go see them too!

Thanks, Fionalein! ^^

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Also, because nobody has mentioned any plants - DFS has some that grow, but you need to water them and such, and they do come with temp prims that rezz out, so your parcel will need to be able to have the extra space for them. 

If you're okay with non-growing plants, Jian also has some cute farm crops, I believe. 

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Heyo, norajulian, thanks for the respond! ^^

Yeah, DFS was one I considered. Do you use it? Do you know if it's HUD is set up in a way that your character has to eat and stuff, kinda like the Life2 thing? If you do use it, have you ever tried any other farming simulators?

And I did go to Jian, every one, and totally got tied up on gachas. xD it was awesome and goodness they have so many things. ><

And they do have the carrotpatch and some trees for plants.

I also went to Calikit Falconry, that place was really cute and the animals were awesome. >< the owls were my fav. I did see the wolf proto too, and it looks good for a proto. <3

Is anyone familiar with the AIF pets? They're adorable. D: and they grow! The website's a little dated and doesn't explain much on how their pets work, like, I was confused if they used a HUD...

I didn't see the Husky over at Calikit's. ><

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1141 days.

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