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Angie Tairov

Blake FS! Perfect Name, Sailable Full Sim

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Full sim of mainland (M) for-sale now! 2x Protected! Amazing name (Blake), sailable, protected. Visit to verify (owned by RentalMaxx, my rental group). Make an offer below.

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3 hours ago, Virtualnsanity said:



One assumes you open your map... type "Blake" and hit find? No?


5 hours ago, ColeB126 said:

is their access to blake sea from this sim?

Again, one would guess you can open the map, type Blake, and look to see it would be... a long arduous sail.


Parts of that route can be a bit tight, but it's possible. Sadly, there are a few sims there you will pass through that can act as toll gates. They could decide to block off the route between the continents and thus to the Blake Sea at any time (although you can then go through the Anshe Chung Blake Estate I guess). They owners of the toll-gate sims seem to be sailors though, so have allowed passage for now.

Edited by Callum Meriman

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