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theresa Manning

Affordable Rentals Land Parcels ,SkyBox, Multiscene

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               ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~


Beachfront parcels Affordable  prices in  a lovely area surroundings with  beautiful views. Full control and private. Singles and couples dance system included

SkyBox rentals of many price ranges and styles from a simple room to change and log in at  for only 10L to our studio style skybox for 25L fully furnished with extra prims  and  on up. Dance system included  and much more.

Apartment rentals  at 50L a week  with prims to decorate with in a community  style setting of its own. Semi Private. 

Our Multiscenes have  three to choose from 60L, 200L and our premium 300L multiscenes rentals. Many scenes to choose from  from basic homes with landscape to  themes for role playing.

All residents from any rental have added activities to enjoy:

  • Boating
  • Roads to cruise on 
  • Games
  • Romantic dance terrace
  • and much more.

    ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims ...... It's a Life style~

Click here to visit ; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/55/187/22

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