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Club Phoenixxx Looking For Host

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Club Phoenixxx is an optional strip club. Which is why the extra Xs are added to give the name a more erotic look and feel. The people that came to Club Phoenixxx come to have a great time, to hang out with friends and family, laugh, joke and have a good time without people spamming with gestures, to make the club look interesting. 

Although Club Phoenixxx was born inside a vampire castle, it is not a vampire club. Club Phoenixxx welcomes everyone but vampires are required to leave there Fangs at the door. We are real people that can hold a conversation with our guests and make them feel welcome. 

We are looking for experience host to cover:

A. Shift
Tue 12 am - 2 pm
Thu - 12 am - 2pm

B. Host Job Description:
As a Host your duties will include: 
1. planning and hosting events, 
2. Coordinate progress of events with other staffs team members such as DJs & dancers.
3. meet & greet customers create an interesting event environment to promote interaction between visitors
4. introduce events' activities  DJ's/dancers, come up with idea's to bring people into the club, promote the club and donations to the club.  
5. Keep 100% tips

C. Requirements:
1. At least 3 months experience in hosting and organizing of dance/music sets and/or events.
2. Familiar with operating own viewers like camera zoom, basic interaction functions.
3. Outgoing, cheerful and positive and must not be shy in talking to customer.
4. Excellent in emote effectively in local chat with minimum use of auto gestures.
5. Able to roleplay (this is an adult club however, being nude is optional).
6. Good attitude and able to commit to agreed work schedule as advertised.
7. Must be committed to follow club's policies and rules.

Interested, please contact:
AssaholicDirector Resident
AngieInWonderland Resident
PhoenixLover Magic Resident





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