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Drika Jewell

Great opportunity! , waterview 1024m²

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Stunning parcel, ocean view, rounded by protect land and ocean. 


1024 m²  - 351 prims - Use your premium allotment and you will not pay tier! 


Come to visit the land, it is a bit decorated now, if you like something I can leave it for you. 




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Some of us in the forums would really like folks to list their properties correctly and honestly. 

To that end here is a photo. There is indeed a water VIEW but it doesn't included water access unless you count the illegal bridge over Linden protected land :D. 


Yes, I for one (and definitely not the only one judging by all the posts lately about "creative land listings" ) am tired of this :D



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I thought the posting, if read correctly, was accurate (if the one listed above ^ is the original). 

I know on the forums, it is Buyer Beware, so always go See the Land in Person before purchase, and check that if it says water access, you can actually get to it directly by whatever means you will be using. ( I actually wear a no-rez floatie ring and swim around, testing the boundaries of water usage of the lot and area.)

However, a property listed as an Ocean View is just that, a view of the ocean with No access. 

And while we are on the topic, I see countless properties that hop over Linden owned land for very short distances.
Most do this by anchoring their structures on their own land, and "floating" them over the Linden property.  
There seems to be a mild tolerance for short crossings on Linden owned or held lands in-world, but get greedy and you will find your junk in your lost and found box,
and perhaps minus a parcel of your land, or worse. 

So when describing properties in the forums, those that must cross Linden Lands or other properties to gain access to features should Never be listed as having access. 
If it is near by a feature,say that, and make it clear if there are any rez zones nearby. (check your mini map in FS for those locations). 
Be thorough in your descriptions, but above all, always be Accurate and Don't Exaggerate.
Good or Bad, people will remember you the next time you post something.

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