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Alazarin Mondrian

SL Viewer fails to launch

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I run the SL viewer on several computers with no problems at all.  For technical reasons I usually bypass the SL launcher and just start up the viewer getting the 'no updates yada, tada' notice. On one machine I decided to launch the SL viewer as normal specifically to get the latest updates and..........

failed to execute script pyi_rth_pkgres


So I uninstalled the viewer, deleted the cache, cleaned up the registry, rebooted, etc., etc., to no avail, The viewer only starts up when I bypass the viewer. A quick google tells me it's something to do with Python but that's as far as I understand.


Any suggestions for a quick fix?


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You should file a JIRA issue & attach your log files from a session which failed to launch when using the SL_Launcher.
Zip up the whole logs folder & attach it to your JIRA issue using More Actions -> Attach Files.
If you can't find the logs folder, just file the JIRA issue anyway & the JIRA Lindens will help you to get the logs.

Pinging @Oz Linden, who may know that cause of the " failed to execute script pyi_rth_pkgres" error.

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