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This information is valid as at the date of posting and may not be valid in the future. PLEASE LOOK BELOW TO SEE IF I HAVE POSTED AN UPDATE. You can also visit the "Ground Levels and Retail" floor at my office for updated information.
Office:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/235/25/101

As of 26th April, 2018:


From L$100 per week - ground area only - 1024 sqm, from 100 prims/LI.
Ground-level 32x32m areas
on the citadel island of Nautilus, and in Horizons. This quote includes fences and a gate, however these can be exchanged for more prims/LI. Extra prims/LI are L$0.9 each weekly. The minimum rental period is two weeks. Visit the "Ground Levels and Retail" floor at my office for the locations.


L$158 per week - full parcel - 512 sqm with 175 prims/LI.
Close to Bear Infohub, one of SL's busiest infohubs. It is also located on a road junction. This location is ideal for a business.





From L$30 per week - RETAIL SHOP
One small shop is available for rent next to the Buzzy Bee Rentals office in General-rated Dzalarhons, next to the Route 8A mainland road on the Satori continent.
The minimum cost is L$30 per week with 10 prims/LI. More are available at L$1 per prim/LI per week. 
The shop's land-parcel can be updated with your business name, description, texture and music channel. A sign can be added to the front of the building.
For an additional L$30 a week (Linden Lab's charge) I can list your business in the SL search engine.
An information box can be found inside the available shop. Alternatively, contact Bee Nexen inworld for further information.




Buzzy Bee Rentals also has rental homes starting from L$5 per week. I rent furnished and unfurnished sky-homes, platforms and ground-level homes. No claustrophobic box cities, no complicated teleport machines and no communicating via objects. Just simple landmarks and personal customer service. Newbie and oldbie friendly. Please visit my office to inspect my display homes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dzalarhons/235/25/101




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As of 10 May 2018, the information above is still current. Please contact me inworld if you have any questions.

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