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Mazidox Linden

Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-23

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Second Life Server:


Deployed Tuesday 2018-04-24 03:00-09:00

Second Life RC BlueSteel (No Roll):


Second Life RC LeTigre (No Roll):


Second Life RC Magnum (No Roll):


Second Life RC Snack:


Release Notes:

  • Updates to simulator communication protocols aimed at improving region crossings and teleports


  • Blake Sea - Crows Nest
  • Blake Sea - Nelson
  • Blake Sea - Mizzen
  • Blake Sea - Indefatigable
  • Blake Sea - Cattewater
  • Blake Sea - Atlantic
  • Blake Sea - Galilee
  • Blake Sea - Thunderer
  • Blake Sea - Hawser
  • Blake Sea - Jones Locker
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Thankyou for posting this Mazidox

There's just one problem...it's wrong!

Main Server region Woods of Heaven is running is LeTigre region Wirtz.  So what has happened?  Moreover there are no release notes ANYWHERE for what is on Main and LeTigre (at least on those regions). 

What on Earth (or SL) is going on, guys?

Edited by Ayesha Askham
additional details

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Hey Ayesha, thanks for giving me a heads up that I'd goofed up my numbers. The release notes were all correct, it was just the number I got incorrect, and I've updated the release notes and deploy plan to reflect that.

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So far, I haven't noticed any improvement on crossings between those Snack regions when compared to others that are running without issues.

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