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Homestead Sims, Professionally landscaped or plain basic

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Orchard Heights is definitely not just another real estate company. We are dream architects. We make it our goal to satisfy each and every valued client that guarantees you're left with the Second Life home YOU have always dreamed of! 


Basic Homesteads
Our basic private sims are your everyday, ordinary sims with light landscaping / terraforming and some amazing perks. Orchard Heights Estates offers these sims against reasonable rates.

The sims come with full estate rights. You control your own sim.

To understand more about our basic sim solutions, we recommend that you read the information on our website:
Copy paste the following url into your browser: http://www.orchardheightssl.com/basic-private-sims

Price for Homestead: 7500 L

Design Services for Basic Homestead sims
Would you like to have your homestead's exterior completely designed top to bottom? Our design team will discuss your wishes and create your own private dream homestead. 
~ Starting price Custom Design Full sim = 28.500 L


Premium Homesteads
The premium sims of Orchard Heights Estates are sims that will blow your mind. These sims are completely pre-decorated with a home included.  This parcel is turned into your own private paradise with tons of prims remaining for your own personal items. But don’t take our word for it - you need to see to believe and go there to get a real impression of what we are talking about. You will own your private Orchard Heights paradise.

To understand more about our premium solutions, we recommend you read the information on our website:

Prices Premium Sims:
> Please refer to the website, as we have 3 options for premium sims.  The price of the premium sim will depend on which option you choose. 

Check out our Flickr for impressions:



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