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Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rodeo/206/225/22

Our marina is located on the Bay of Space Pigs on the original Sansara continent. From here you can sail all over the continent and beyond, to such areas as the Sea of Fables, Great/Hidden/Lost Lakes, the Snowlands, Nova Albion, Bay City, the Heterocera Atoll, etc.
Our mooring rates are:
L$1 per prim/LI for up to 100LI,
Or L$0.9 per prim/LI for 112+ LI.
For example:
50 prims/LI (minimum) = L$50 per week
75 prims/LI = L$75 per week
100 prims/LI = L$100 per week
125 prims/LI = L$113 per week
150 prims/LI = L$135 per week
To rent a mooring space, click a blue sign on location. An information card will be sent to you.

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