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Don't overlook that group land bonus

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Honestly I am just bored and want to type LOL.

But along the way there is a message.  

Now that we have 1024 per premium account of free tier,  that tier bonus is actually beginning to count for something. 

Most of you know I am in a land group. Some folks are premium, some not, some alts == yada yada. I basically provide money, the other folks provide premium status, a couple just use the land to set home and go off exploring. It has worked for likely eight years or so. We are RL friends so that likely helps some. 

BEFORE  -- owning two or three 512 lots, that bonus really didn't count for much -- actually worthless is a good word that comes to mind. If we had an army of alts and half a sim --- then it would have counted.  But with the doubling of the free tier we also got a doubling of the bonus and it really can add up.

Last month I moved from a quarter sim rental to a 4096 plot (most of my items are made for LEA6 and so can be seen there and no real need for a huge demo area -- besides they look a lot better there in an environment). There was a fair amount a shuffling with someone volunteering to become premium again, some buying and then selling to group (didn't read the find print on the group buy thing) etc. We were all a lot smarter at the end of those few days. 

Recently a couple of the folks that had cheap rental shops found out that the shops were closing in a month. Nice landlady, month's notice. No complaints. But what to do?

The group had 410 meters of FREE TIER. That seemed to be the answer.  Looking through the land listings for small plots I didn't find much but I then did some scanning of the map -- actually a contentment that I don't look at often. Have no idea which it is, just one that I was not familiar with.  There were a fair amount of 288 meter sized lots and such but that really is pretty tiny.   

 Within fifteen minutes I of "great land karma" had found a 512 lot on a well maintained and landscaped (no ugly palm trees) linden road with respectable neighbors buffered by abandoned land and bordered by a half a sim of it (oh my). The story gets a little complex, but one of the member bought the land, sliced off enough to leave 400 meters (you can't actually make 410 meters LOL) and abandoned the rest which are along the road and tiny pieces and will likely stay empty -- more buffer.  

So for $1350 linden and $4 of tier for the time it took to transfer (30 minutes -- I really wish they would change that rule but see that it IS a money maker for The Lab), the folks will have a nice little shop for free ==== forever. 

So don't overlook that group land bonus if you have one. Things can be done!!!!!



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On the first plot of land I ever had in SL, I got my 512 and made a group. That bumped me another 51, for 563.

but 3x16 = 48.

So... I could own 3 more 'squares' of land. And it turned out a neighbor had a weird cut and wanted to shed some tier.

So it wasn't worthless. I ended up with 560m of land.

That group bonus has always been worth it. It is MORE worth it now.

That said... Land Barons usually cut land in 512m chunks, when they should be cutting in 560m chunks. Getting one to give you your missing 48m is not always an option, but quite often there is some left over land somewhere on the sim that you can get out of them or someone else and use to get more prims.



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10 hours ago, Chic Aeon said:

 The story gets a little complex, but one of the member bought the land, sliced off enough to leave 400 meters (you can't actually make 410 meters LOL) and abandoned the rest which are along the road and tiny pieces and will likely stay empty -- more buffer.  

Because this thread is essentially for the mutual amusement of posters who like the sound of our own typing, a yarn about how "tiny pieces" of Mainland can arise from the crypt.

Months before the new tier rates, the group to which I contribute most of my tier lost the other tier contributor. (He's still around, just not throwing money at SL anymore.) That meant I had some hard decisions about how to shed about a half-region of widely-scattered Mainland. Mostly I offered the land to neighbors, but it was a dismal time for Mainland owners, so I had to abandon a lot, too. 

The prospects of a Mainland renewal seemed impossibly remote then, so to save more locations from going completely barren, I felt no guilt in a bit of "creative abandonment": I chopped up one site on my "home" region into two wildly intermingled parcels, one containing the parcel's Land Impact, the other all the space that didn't have any objects rooted directly on it, and then abandoned the latter. Surely nobody would ever want this mess, because nobody is buying abandoned land anyway.

Then the new tiers. Suddenly there's a flood of requests for abandoned land. And suddenly I discover that the worthless land I abandoned had been bought, set for sale to me for L$100,000, and filled with #MAGA-promoting and Trudeau-bashing images.

I'll probably never know how that person got that parcel. Maybe the Land Lindens were simply so busy they were putting anything for sale to anybody, no questions asked. Or maybe they were p.o.'d at me for dicing up the land like that and "punished" me by selling it off.

So anyway, just when you least expect it, land you can't imagine anybody would want may come back to haunt you.

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Another little tale, though not not as dramatic as Qie's.

Over the years I abandoned most of the sim I'm in, but in chunks as I moved down the tier levels level by level. The last reduction was when I finally closed my store, and went tier-free, leaving me the premium 512 + 10% bonus. To do that I cut my plot near the corner of the sim so that what was left between my plot and the sim edges were too narrow to cut a normally dimensioned 512. And I expected those parts to remain unsold because I didn't expect them to go into the auction. I chose that corner because most of the sim is rock but that corner has grass.

They've been sold now - and it's me who bought them lol. With the increase in the premium allowance, I upgraded my main alt and moved up to 2048 + 10%, and I bought enough land in that corner to make that figure.

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When I recently decided to bump up my land holdings - and make a group of alts premium to help offset costs - I was doing all of my calcs simply based on the 1024 sqm that each premium gets.  However, once I started messing with the alt accounts and tier donations, I discovered that in the end I would only need to pay for 512 tier monthly rather than 1024 monthly I originally thought I'd have to pay for, simply because the group got enough of a bonus to cover that extra 512.  

When working with 'normal' plot sizes, one doesn't really get any true benefit from the bonus for smaller plot sizes, thus it is easy to forget about that bonus until you increase your land size.

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This is a fun and interesting thread! To me anyway. Thanks all.

I am designing a house for them and it is baking now. It will be easy to be private if needed. This is mostly for shops so really doesn't matter too much.  I was thinking about "view" or lack thereof because I had a big issue with that myself a month or so ago.  

This isn't the whole thing - no roof or doors or windows but : 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1044 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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