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Tour company looking for RP community

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SeaWings Airship Company ( Est 2013) prides itself on offering some of the best aerial tours around the grid , and we are looking to add a residential sim office .

Do you own a multi sim community ? would you like to offer piloted guided professional sight seeing tours of your community ? Why a tour company , i can just set up a auto blimp ride ?

We are professional tour guides , that give a real tour of the region mentioning highlights , landmarks and providing the history of the area we are flying over .

Our company has been providing guided tours throughout the mainland  , sharing some of the best scenic tours with the general public around the grid , for over 5 years . Highlighting some of the most scenic areas such as our Sansara historical tour , our popular tropical regional ferry service between St.Martin & Ronde Island and Second norway to name a few, we have 5 tour guide pilots on hand . Our flights are announced in Passengers of SL , one of the largest audiences of passengers and tourists across the grid , so not only will you offer tours to residents of your community ... but outside visitors that use passengers of SL will come and see what you have to offer , and hey maybe they will call it home!

We are seeking an office with large parking lot , and permission to fly ( most community sims prohibit flying to civilians ) , we will operate 3 tours minimum weekly , maintain a flight altitude of 75m over town and provide commentary highlights that you provide , we are looking for 100 prims max, our service is free * tips and gratuity not expected but graciously accepted*

Message Billy Diesel (dieselaffair Resident) , let me know what you have to offer (we dont need a airport , just a parking lot or park area and a office) tell me about your town , or include a website and I will be in touch !

seawings main logo.png

Snapshot _ Unity Sansara Adventure Public Airport, Mooaleo (81,.png

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