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How to make Second Life Machinima


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Happy 15th Birthday, Second Life!
On this occasion I would like to summarize how to make machinima in Second Life that I know.
I hope this will help.
    In addition, I omitted that part so as not to recommend goods and software etc. according to "Linden Lab Official:Community Participation Guidelines".
    However, as a general example, I also used the example video for a specific product. They are not intended for advertisement.

    Other related web sites
        Making movies - Second Life Wiki
        Machinima - Second Life Wiki


You can create any film set in SL. Anyone who visits the Marketplace will be convinced of that.
But perhaps it would be difficult to get animation for machinima you want there.
The animations for machinima are rare. The reason is probably because there is no demand.
Even around me, the stores that had sold them before now are no longer selling.
You can make your own without buying it, but I think that it is difficult for beginners.
Therefore, I think that each scene will be made by compromising using the animations that are available now.
    Nonetheless, the shop selling animation for machinima is not the only marketplace, so I want you to try to find them.
    If you still can not get it, you can compromise with animation in AO.

By the way, animation is necessary for machinima, but it is only one element.
If you direct it using other elements you will be able to create works that will not let the audience get bored even if the animation is insufficient.
They are, for example, dialogue, camera work, composition, SE, music, and the video editing.

For example, please watch the following video "What Is Machinima?"
This was made using GTASA, it is unrelated to SL, but it is a work of more than 10 years ago.
But I did not feel boring till the end when I was watching it.
Let's observe it for a while.

The beginning is an Establishment Shot explaining the place.
Although it is just a commentator's room, it is large and open-minded.
In his background palm trees are swaying in the wind, I feel the depth different from the still picture.
I think that these are directives that do not let the audience feel the pressure that is indoors.
The next cut of the Establishment Shot needs to make him bigger to appeal the existence of the commentator.
In that scene, when the commentator stood while speaking the dialogue, the cut changed, the next cut became Medium Shot and the composition changed.
This is a technique called match cut on action in the video editing process which is very natural.
Subsequently, in the street scenes, cars and pedestrians are moving near the reporter who is talking and it conveys the vibrancy of the city.
When the seagulls are flying in the sky, when it turns out that it is near the sea, I remembered the scent of the tide.
And once again it returns to the commentator 's scene and the composition has changed again, it does not make viewers bored.
There are many other directions in this video, such as camera work, SE, chroma-key-composition, switching BGM with matching atmosphere, and so on.

Do not you think that you can make machinima even if animation power is poor if you watch this?
If you think so, please read the explanation below.

Note: Keyboard operation is for PC. So Mac users should read Alt as Opt and Ctrl as Cmd.

 1. Pre Production
    1. Screenwriting
        Screenplay is indispensable for making machinima.
        Let's write a screenplay and direct it so that audience will not get bored.
            If you can not get animation freely, you need to make a work that does not rely on animation.
            In that case let's write a script so that you can convey your intent using other elements such as dialogue, object movement and camera work.
        More details later...

    2. Storyboarding
        When the screenplay is complete, convert it to a storyboard.
        Please make sure the contents of screenplay and the intention of direction are clearly understood from the storyboard.
        Write down any changes or additional information that will occur in the subsequent steps on the storyboard.
        More details later...

    3. Set Design(Properties"Props")
        Let's prepare shooting places, buildings and props.
        Browse the storyboard to find the shooting location.
        If you use photos for background, building, props composites, please prepare them.
        And fill in those information in the remarks column of the storyboard.
        If you intend to shoot other people's land and composite, please give permission for that from the land owner.
        You can also use the sky above the sandbox if you do not use your own land.
        You can find anything if you search for buildings and props in the marketplace.
        Of course you can make them yourself or hire a person to make them.

        Let's make the location look natural.
            If there is something missing, please consider whether you can increase it with chroma-key-composition(cf.#3).
            For example, if the place is in the city, add cars and pedestrians and add birds and small animals in the forest.
            If you shoot the background and props in SL and composite it, please shoot after getting permission from those owners.
        Finally prepare the script for direction if you need it.
        If you want to composite something, please add it to the storyboard.
        More details later...

    4. Costume / Casting
        Please refer to the storyboard and search for necessary Actor(s), Voice actor(s).
        If you can not hire others as Actor, you can be a substitute.
        In that case you should become that Actor and composite in the video editing process.
        When there are few people in the scene, it feels like ruins.
            Please consider whether you can increase extra with chroma-key-composition(cf.# 3).
            You can also become an extra.
        If you want to composite something, please add it to the storyboard.

    5. Shooting Schedule
        Let's set up a shooting schedule.
        With regard to Actor which performs chroma-key-composition in the video editing process, it is possible to shoot all cuts of him (her) at once.
            However, in that case please shoot carefully considering the consistency with the background.
        On the other hand, if you borrow a place to make buildings and props before shooting, you must also have the Actor come within the period of promised land owner.
        It is efficient to shoot together cuts using the same location as much as possible.
        If you hire cameraman please consider that schedule.
        If you ordered the building, props or script creation, you also need to consider those due dates.
        This time is to create a schedule until completion of shooting at SL, not considering the period of composition and the video editing process.

    1. Shooting
        Please refer to the story board and reproduce the film set.
        Next, cameraman please refer to the storyboard and check the camera work.
        After that, video capture to trial, adjustment until both lag and frame dropping does not occur.
        Let's shoot many times along the storyboard.
        Especially when each person manually operates Actor, the timing of acting will not match, so let's shoot as much as possible.
        Also, shots may be missing later, so if you notice something, let's shoot it even if it does not exist on the storyboard.
        More details later...

 3.Post Production
    1. Sound Recording
        Dialogue recording
        Prepare Music, Sound effects, and Foley track in consideration of copyright.

    2. Assembling
        Please assemble all footage and sound material along the storyboard.
        If you need new shots, shoot it additionally.
        More details later...

 1. Pre Production
    1. Screenwriting
        A. Concise version
            Bring your idea to life
            Tips for scripts

        B. Normal version
            How to Write a Script For a Movie + Storytelling Techniques
            Convert Your Story Idea Into a Script (ft. Anna Akana)
            29 Screenwriting Mistakes
            Lessons from the Screenplay

    2. Storyboarding
        A. Concise version
            Why storyboard

        B. Normal version
            Storyboarding Your Film: Tips for Your Next Project
            Audio & Video StoryBoard Template - 9+ Free Sample, Example, Format Download!
            How To Create a Storyboard (ft. Mary Doodles & Whitney Lee Milam)

                In the Storyboard, it is also good to describe information for the video editing process such as the position of the light source and effects.
                image search "sortyboard + camera"

    3. Set Design(Properties"Props")
        1. Location
            When composing and using other still images or moving images.
            When using SL.
                In case of land of another person.
                    From the owner of the land you need to obtain permission for both use and shooting of the land.If those permits are obtained tell the owner the shooting period.
                    When resizing an object.
                        The prim count value of that object must be within the percel land capacity value of the land.
                            When using a sandbox or its sky.
                                If you make it with a small number of people, the influence of lag will be small.
                                If there are many people in Sim, lag may occur.
                                    When a lag occurs, find the time when there are no people.
                            Temporarily get the resizing authority from the owner.
                                How to do this: omitting
                You can try it with Preview Grid.
                    The performance there is low.

                Technical information
                    It is better for the land to have a smaller value of "Percel land impact" (it is better not to use prims).
                        How to check it.
                            world menu → About land → OBJECTS → Percel land impact
                                world menu → Percel details Objects tab → Percel land impact
                    How to check performance of the viewer.
                    How to check the number of usable prims.
                        world menu → About land → OBJECTS → Region capacity: *available
                            world menu → Percel details Objects tab → Region capacity: *available
                    If Sim type is "Openspaces Regions", the performance will be poor.
                        Full: Good
                        Homestead: Bad
                        Openspace (Void): Bad
                        How to check
                            world menu → Region estate → Region → Type:
                                world menu → Region details (Alt + Ctrl + R) → Region tab → Type:
                    If you can shoot when there are few people, performance will improve, so you should investigate such time zones.
                    Machinima Friendly Sims

        2. Building / Properties"Props"
            When composing and using other still images or moving images.
            When using what already exists in the land of another person.
                From the owner of the land you need to obtain permission for both use and shooting of the land.If those permits are obtained tell the owner the shooting period.
            Various functions can be added to Prop by script.
                It changes color, erases, moves, and so on.
            Points to obtain at market place.
                It is better not to have the shadows baked.
                    You have to be careful with the light source during placement.
                Check the number of prims that make up the object.
                    Make sure that the object to be placed in the shooting location is less than or equal to the number of usable prims there.
                Check the permission of the object.
                    Benefits of obtaining copy permission.
                        Objects can be managed by folders every scene or cut.
                        Even if you lose it is safe.
                    Benefits of obtaining editing permission.
                        When you want to reduce the number of prims, you can delete the part of the object that does not appear on the camera.
                        It can be scripted for direction.
                        It can link other editable objects or other editable objects containing scripts.
                        In order to reduce the load on Sim, you can delete scripts in objects and change object settings.
                    Benefits of obtaining both permits.
                        rezzer(cf.#1) can be used.
                It is efficient if you create a folder with the project name in the inventory of the Viewer, create a subfolder with the scene number and cut number, and manage objects and others.
                Using "rezzer" makes administration easier.
                    It is troublesome to LAYOUT to the land every time you shoot buildings and props.
                    Items useful at that time are "rezzer".
                    This will record the location of the film set objects you created.
                    And it is restored when film set is necessary, and can be erased entirely when it becomes unnecessary.

                    #1 What is a rezzer.
                        Example of more huge area:
                When directing with a script.
                    How to get the script.
                        1. Make it yourself.
                        2. Buy with market place.
                        3. Hire a scripter.
            Technical information
                Points to note when decomposing objects.
                    The disassembly part must be less than 32 prims.
                    Examples: To disassemble skeleton dolls. The wall is broken by the earthquake. The car's tire is disengaged.
                        Points to note when using rezzer(cf.#1).
                            Since the decomposed object becomes another object, it can not be saved in rezzer.
                            In other words, after deciding the position of the object to be decomposed, it must be saved in rezzer once without decomposition.

    1. Shooting
        1. Testing
            When using scripts, check and adjust so that it functions as directed.
            Adjust it to eliminate the lag.

        2. Capturing
            Video Capturing Software
            Be careful not to contradict each other between cuts.
                Angle of view, Imaginary Line, Eyeline Match, Match on Action, etc ...
                    Continuity Editing(cf.#2)
            If you need to fix the storyboard do it.
                If you fix it, check to see if it affects other cuts and adjust.
            If someone comes up with an idea, you should try it positively even if it is not on the storyboard.
                Shoot extra cuts in case you need additional cuts later.
                If you want to make it look like a movie film, you can shoot with 24 FPS.
                    Preferences → Graphics → Rendering → Check Miscellaneoue rendering: Limit Framerate and Set FPS: 24
                    At this time, FPS of capture software should also be changed. If possible, set it to capture only when the frame changes with capture software setting in that case.
            When shooting materials to be chroma-key-composition see "Notes on shooting".
            Shoot as high resolution as possible in order to be able to close-up in the video editing process.
                To lower the load on the PC to shoot.
                    If you used GeForce GTX 600 or later products as GPU, capture using ShadowPlay (Share) will reduce the load.
                    If it is AMD it will be ReLive.
                    If you use other software, you should be able to get good result by using video codec that uses GPU.
                    How to Make a Machinima: Camera Basics(with Sims 2)
                    In SL, you can not rotate the camera with Roll axis with mouse or keyboard.
                    This means that you can not shoot with oblique angle.
                    To do that you must use the 3D Mouse.
                        3D Mouse
                        How to make a smooth simple camerawork with firestorm viewer
                            Basic operations
                            Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cameratools panel.
                            Step 1. Set "Cam. Smoothing" value of "Camera Movement Settings" to 0 and adjust other values.
                                         Or set the value of Preferences → Move & View → View → Smoothig to 0 and adjust other values.
                                     2. Make an end composition with the mouse and press the "Store current camera view" button on the "Cam controls 1" tab.
                                     3. Cameraworks:
                                             Camera position & focus position interporating:
                                                 Make a starting composition with the mouse.
                                             PEDESTAL / TRUCK (Side tracking):
                                                 Make a starting composition on the "Up Down Left Right" panel on the "Camera control" or "Cam controls 1" tab.
                                                 Do not use the mouse.
                                    4. Increase the value of "Zoom Speed" in "Camera Movement Settings".
                                        Or increase Preferences → Move & View → View → Transition Time.
                                    5. Press the "Load stored camera view" button on the "Cam controls 1" tab.
                                When making a start composition, temporarily setting the "Zoom Speed" value to 0 allows you to move the camera quickly.
                                It is convenient to record those start and end compositions using appropriate camera item product.

            Technical information
                For a cameraman.
                    About Lighting and shadows
                    Viewer graphics settings
                        Firestorm phototools Press Alt + P
                            Phototools Tutorial 1-8
                    #4 Quality of the shadows
                        Press Alt + Ctrl + D → Advanced menu → Debug settings
                                Scale of shadow softening kernel. Default is 1.4
                                Distance scaler for shadow blur.  Default is 0
                                Cutoff FOV to use ortho instead of perspective projection.  Default is 0.8
                            Preferences → graphics → Rendering → Quality of the shadows
                            Preferences → graphics → Avatar Shadows:
                    When using GIF animation, check "Full Bright" on the texture tab of that object.
                    When doing chroma-key-composition(cf.#3).
                        To make the color of the background object homogeneous, its texture must be blank and "Full Bright" checked.
                            If the floor shadow is also necessary.
                                Likewise prepare floor background objects and do not check "Full Bright".
                                As a result, if the color is different from the chroma key color, adjust it so that it is as close to that as possible in the Sky setting.
                        Both time and cloud movement should be fixed.
                            Step 1. World menu → Environment Editor → Sky Presets → Edit Presets → Select Clouds Tab → Check both X and Y locks on Cloud Scroll → Set new Name → Press Save button
                                   2. World menu → Environment Settings → Custamize my setting → Sky Setting → Fixed sky → Select the new Name → Press OK button
                            When the direction of the sun changes between composition materials, inconsistency occurs in the shadow direction in the video editing process.
                    If the LOD level is low, the object may be omitted, so it is desirable to set it to 4.
                    Please clear the viewer's cache before shooting.
                    It is desirable to finish reading all the object data appearing on the camera before shooting.
                    Make sure that the shape and texture are reflected correctly by looking at the object with the camera.
                    If the viewer communicates and reads object data each time, increase the cache size of the viewer.
                        If you can not do that, clear the cache once and check it again.
                    Show / hide UI.
                        User Interface hiding / showing:
                            Press Alt + Ctrl + F1
                        HUDs hiding / showing:
                            Press Alt + Shift + H
                    Show / hide objects.
                                Press and Hold Ctrl(or Shift) key → Select the objects → Right mouse click to open the menu → "More" → "More" again → "Derender" → "Temporary" or "Blacklist"
                                World menu → Asset Blacklist → Select names → "Remove selected" button
                    Show / hide avatar.
                                Select the Avatar → Right mouse click → "Block"
                                Communicate menu → Block list → BLOCKED → Select the Avatar → Right mouse click → "Unblock"
                                    Press and Hold Ctrl(or Shift) key → Select the Avatars → Right mouse click to open the menu → "More" → "More" again → "Derender" → "Temporary" or "Blacklist"
                                    World menu → Asset Blacklist → Select names → "Remove selected" button And re-login
                Method of reducing load.
                    Detach all HUDs not related to shooting.
                    Do not attach HUD if possible, drop it on the land and use it.
                    After launching the PC, do not start up the web browser even once, use SL viewer only.
                    For a cameraman.
                            Set the frame rate to 45 FPS.
                                Because the FPS of SIM does not become 45 or more.
                            However, if you use low FPS with video editing process, you can also reduce this value.
                            Then you can reduce the load on the PC.
                            By the way, if you want to make it a movie film, you should set it to 24 FPS.
                            Preferences → Graphics → Rendering → Check Miscellaneoue rendering: Limit Framerate and Set FPS: value
                            At this time, FPS of capture software should also be changed. If possible, please set to capture only when the frame changes with Capture software setting in that case.
                    For Actors.
                        All graphics settings should be set to minimum when shooting.
                            If you do not operate the avatar, also lower the frame rate.
                    When dropping frames.
                        How to reduce lag
                        Check the performance of the viewer.
                            Press Alt + Ctrl + D → Advanced menu → Performance Tools → Statistics Bar
                            Change the time if the network load is high.
                        If there are many people in Sim, lag may occur.
                            When a lag occurs, find the time when there are no people.
                                Decrease the frame rate.
                                    Preferences → Graphics → Rendering → Check Miscellaneoue rendering: Limit Framerate and Set FPS: value
                                Try Freeze updates to World.
                                    Preferences → Graphics → Rendering → Check World Updating:Freeze updates to World
        1. Animation of avatar.
            Animation file
                Make it yourself or buy it.
                If it is purchased, its permission should be "copy enabled".
                Purchase an animation file or purchase AO containing it and extract from it.
                    However, it is not necessary to extract it if the actor is going to use that AO.
                    If animation files dedicated to machinima can not be obtained, please consider whether animation files contained in AO can be diverted.
                    The animation sold at the shop is divided into two types.
                    One is animation created by motion capture, and the other is animation made by other methods.
                    Motion of motion animation made by motion capture is generally real, but terrible things also exist.
                    There is also animation of cheap and good motion.
                    So be sure to check the motion.
                    In addition it should check both priority and loop properties.
                    Animations with loop properties enabled will repeat the motion.
                        If you plan on overlapping animation, pay attention to the priority of the animation file.
                        If animation with a high priority is started first, even if animation of low priority is started from then on, the motion of that animation will be hidden.
                        However, since motion is given to each bone, it does not affect bones that have not been given.
                            But, there may be a motion to fix the position for the pose.
                            Therefore, even if there is a bone that does not move, it is not known unless it actually confirms by overlapping the animation whether it is invalid or fixed.
                            Commercially available animation can be thought of as motion is given to almost all bones.
                                Sometimes animations that are not given motion to some bones are sold.
                            However, please pay attention to this characteristic when making it yourself.
                    One animation can not start with motion in the middle.
                    However, if you use two animations with different priorities and you shift the start timing of each, it will appear as if you started with the motion in the middle.
                        For example:
                            First, it starts animation with priority 4.
                            Then start animation of Priority 3.
                            Then, the motion with priority 3 is hidden, but the time of it progresses.
                            After that, when stopping animation of Priority 4 or terminating it, the current motion of the hidden Priority 3 animation appears.
                            In other words, the motion with priority 3 appears as if it started from the middle.
                            The animation does not end automatically when the loop property is enabled. To stop it you have to stop forcibly.
                                Of course it can be stopped by a script.
                    Even if you use the same animation, the position of the hands, feet and head changes according to the shape of the avatar.
                        If it writes strictly it changes everything.
                    Therefore, when checking animation motion, it is desirable to make it the same as the actual actor's shape.
                    In the case of performance with prop, you should actually confirm with prop.
                    Motion of animation can not be confirmed in the marketplace, so you should try visiting a store in Sim.
                    To move the fingers of avatar, animation corresponding to "Bento Mesh Body" and "Bento" is necessary.

            Characteristics by control method.
                1. When using chroma-key-composition(cf.# 3) in video editing process.
                    It must be carefully shooting and video editing.
                    It is suitable for cases where actors' performances are mutually independent.
                    In a scene where a plurality of performers respond to each other, since they are taken separately, it is not known at the time of shooting whether the timing matches.
                    Then there is a possibility that timing does not match in the video editing process.
                2. When each actor uses gesture, AO, etc.
                    It is suitable for cases where actors' performances are mutually independent.
                    It is difficult to match the timing of their performance.
                3. When controlling the motion of all actors by script.
                    It is suitable for every occasion, but it takes time to prepare.
                    The timing of their performance matches the rehearsal.
                    There is no contradiction even if you shoot the same acting many times with different composition.

            Technical information
                It can slowly move the avatar.
                    The result is smoother than slowly processing by the video editing process.
                    Develop menu → Avatar → Slow motion Animations
                    Note: How to show the Develop menu: Press Ctrl + Ald + Q
                A scene without actor's motion is very boring.
                It is important to keep moving constantly so that viewers do not get bored.

        2. Move / rotate / fly avatar
            Characteristics by control method.
                1. When moving in chroma-key-composition(cf.# 3) in the video editing process.
                    It must be carefully shooting and video editing.
                2. Each actor controls his or her avatar with the cursor keys or mouse.
                    It is difficult to match the timing of their movement, rotation and flight.
                    It is almost impossible to do it together with animation.
                        This script may be useful if you want to let the avatar walk slowly.
                3. When collectively controlling all actors with a script.
                    It is suitable for every occasion, but it takes time to prepare.
                    The timing of their performance matches the rehearsal.
                    There is no contradiction even if you shoot the same acting many times with different composition.
                        1. Make a path for the movement of each actor.
                        2. Sit each actor on a transparent object.
                        3. Move each object along their path.
                        Below are examples of one actor.
                        4. Each actor executes animation at each timing while moving.
                        Below are examples of one actor.

        3. Lip synchronization of avatar.
            1. When using built-in animation.
                Use expression animation.
            2. When a person speaks in chat.
                Preferences → Sound & Media → Check "Move avatar lips when speaking" And chat.
            3. When processing in post-production process using software such as CrazyTalk.
                Create Talking Avatars for Secondlife Machinima

        4. Direction using objects.
            When using chroma-key-composition(cf.#3).
                Shoot with its key color background alone.
            That is when you use a script in that editable object. Or when linking and using another scriptable editable object to it.
                    Make a moving path and move that object along it.
                Rotate / Scale / delete / Show / Hide:
                    Airplane, car, ship, ball, balloon, animal, creature, missile, spacecraft, planet, meteorite, door, etc ....
                    Avatar falling due to deletion of floor object.
                    The two cars synchronously move along the path and make a drift rotation at the corner. The actor runs animation sitting in that car and turning the steering wheel in the corner.
                    Show / Hide
                Physical effect:
                    Collision (eg object falls and rolls on the ground)
                        Note that the maximum division number is 32.
                    Blow away by impulse.
                    In order to obtain the necessary script, there is a way to write by yourself, purchase with marketplace, hire scripter and write it.

        5. Direction using environment.
            Lighting (Projection lighting etc ...) / Wind / Particle.
                Projection lighting are heavily loaded
                If cameraman's PC is powerful it will not be a problem.
            Sky (cloud) / Sea.
            Time (sun position).
                    Machinima Tips for Second Life using the viewer options

        6. Direction using texture.
            Water Mirror
            GIF animation texture
                MAKING A GIF IN SECOND LIFE!!
                Animated material rain and ripple effects for Second Life
            Web page texture.
                Second Life Teaching Tools: Shared Media (Web on a Prim)
            If you control everything with scripts, you can synchronize avatar's orbital movement and animation, props orbital movement and effects, and other script effects.
            Ultimately, if you restore the film set from the rezzer(cf.#1) and have the actor sit on a given orbital movement object, then the ideal environment where all the necessary acts are automatically done just by executing the control script can make.
            When directing with a script.
                How to get the script.
                    1. Make it yourself.
                    2. Buy with market place.
                    3. Hire a scripter.

 3.Post Production
    1. Sound Recording
        1. the dialog recording
        2. the room tone and the sound effects making/searching
        3. the music making/searching

    2. Assembling
        1. Video Editing process
            Video Edting Software
            #2 Continuity Editing
                6 Rules for Cinematic Editing
                    1. emotion
                    2. story
                    3. rhythm
                    4. eye trace
                    5. the axis
                    6. 3d space
                13 Creative Film and Video Editing Techniques
                    1. standard cut
                    2. fade in/fade out
                    3. jump cut
                    4. montage
                    5. cross dissolve
                    6. wipe
                    7. J/L cuts
                    8. cutting on action
                    9. cutaways
                    10. cross cut parallel editing
                    11. match cut
                    12. smash cut
                    13. invisible cut

                Transition, Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Vibration, Crop, Reverse Playback, Noise Reduction, etc ....
                    It depends on your video editing software.
                    Text and effect.
                    It depends on your video editing software.
                Lighting, rain, snow, petal, explosion, Fake Depth of field, etc ...
                    The following consistency among composites must be matched.
                    Influence of light.
                    Influence of shadows.
                #3 Chroma-key-composition
                    Actor and object can be combined, moved, rotated, scaled, and transmitted.
                    What is CHROMA KEY?
                    Chroma Key in Second Life 1
                    Second Life green screen : avatar in real world
                    Editing With Sheba - Werk Session 1: Green Screen In Secondlife (Advanced Series)
                    How to make green screen:
                        SecondLife Tutorial: Greenscreening part 1
                    Chroma key materials.

                    Notes on shooting:
                        The shadowed footage may be a problem because the direction of the shadow does not change even if it is moved / rotated.
                        The key color must be a color not included in the target.
                        Otherwise colors near key color will become transparent.
                        For example, if the costume of the target contains green, the key color must be other than green.
                        Shoot with fixed camera work.
                        Add necessary camera work with video editing software.
                        When coloring with the video editing process, set "sky" setting "Sun / Moon Color" and "Ambient" color to white.
                        A method of matching the consistency of the distortion.
                            The "View angle" of the background of the footage should be as small as possible.
                            The smaller "View angle" of the camera of the foreground footage is, the inconsistency of "Angle of view" is not noticeable.
                            When enlarging the "View angle" of the camera, it should be adjusted considering the Angle of view of the cut in which the footage is used.
                        Points when using shadows.
                            You have to edit so that the direction of the shadow does not contradict each other's composited footage.
                                If the composited footage does not move, please align the direction of each shadow.
                                When moving a footage by the video editing process, its shadow direction does not follow the light source, so it may be a problem.
                                In that case, softening the edge of the shadow may make the problem less noticeable.
                                    Adjust shadow setting(cf.#4)
                                    Increase the value of "Antialiasing".
                                    In many cases, there is no problem if the light source is far away like the sun.
                        If the material has a shadow, you can prevent the audience from noticing that it is compositing. Instead, shooting and editing shadowed material is difficult.
                        If you feel it is difficult, we recommend using chroma-key-composition with a shadowless piece at the beginning.


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There is some perfectly good and correct information in this oh so long article (I personally have never seen a forum post this long) and some things that are definitely not correct. I will let others comment on the details if they desire. 

So -- for beginning machinimatographers I would suggest that there are MANY methods of making machinima ---  and finding your own is most likely the best way :D.

Experiment. See what works best for you, your equipment and your vision. 

You can find some short tips in the Information building at the Machinima Open Studio Project at LEA6 here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/109/45/1002

This is a community resource area for film and photographers. You can film anywhere on this sim (and on any of the other LEA lands also) with no worries about breaking the machinima policy.

Come practice. Have some fun! 


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or, you can just wing it! lol thanks for that long write up. should be of help to some people.  BTW, Abramnations sells Machinima animations

I have a software based fly cam It was a beta then it seems the guy making it gave up on it. works good for me i will include a link to anyone want to DL and try installing it. Was a bit of a pain for me. need a vjoy driver as well. Windows will go crazy issue all these warning. I remember I had to unistall my anti virus to get it installed, then re install the anti virus. so, buyer beware. Its free anyways. I have it installed and working for a good 5 years now zero issues



Edited by Jackson Redstar
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Thank you for your reply Chic Aeon.
I thought about writing your Sim, but I did not write it as it might conflict with "Community Participation Guidelines".:(
By the way, my article does not compel the content, so do not misunderstand that point.
Also, for something that is definitely incorrect in my article, I'd be glad if you comment on the details about it.

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Thanks for the reply Jackson Redstar.
I thought that the animation store name conflicted with "Community Participation Guidelines" so I did not write it.:(
The number of animation for machinima that that store sells has decreased from the past, but I think that it is probably the largest store in the machinima animations seller even now.
In the case of AO, "K * s *" which is the best balance of quality and price is recommended store.

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