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Best way to achieve the cybernetic arm I'm looking for...

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Hi all

Firstly, thanks in advance for any assistance.

So I've been in SL for about four months. I joined as my partner has been a long-time SLer.

My avatar has a cybernetic left arm due to an accident.

To date I've been using a few different things for this, but none of them quite have the effect I want.

Here's the main one I use when shirtless:


...It's not for my body, so you can see where it doesn't line up at the armpit, but it's been 'good enough' most of the time. This arm has the following pros:

1) It (kind of) has the look I want. Not a bulky/chunky robotic arm.

2) It can be worn separate from the right arm (Not all that common with arms)

3) It has a hand, forearm and upper arm, so it can be warn with no sleeves, a t-shirt, and a long-sleeve shirt.

If I'm long-sleeve, I'll often just do a glove:


I've looked at long gloves, such as the following:


...(The sequins of which I like the look of the material), but:

1) It's not for my body

2) You can't turn individual arms off

3) As you can see, it doesn't work well with a t-shirt or rolled up sleeve.

...Ideally this is the look I would like:


...And I'd have to think that a custom tattoo would be the way to go. I'm willing to pay for it.

I believe the tat covers all the bases as I can disable bits of my alpha to suit the clothes I'm wearing, as long as I can also have a different tat on my right arm.

Any thoughts/suggestions here?

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In Neo Japan event this month is a bento cybernetic arm, that works pretty well. has masking, is one sided, has tattoos. Various metals and paints.

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Thanks Callum. I'll have a look.


Think this is the one. Will have a look this evening:



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Yep, that's it. It's a nice simple bento arm with alpha, and only L$500, so fairly cheap in the grand scheme of our bodies.

To explain the tattoo, you can do it two ways, either entering a UUID into custom, or as the arm is mod to just select face and apply it directly. It will need to be a custom tattoo, but it's a simple one to create.

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