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..And then..they emoted..

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Dødette looks up again, then replies, "Oh, well, I seem to have been transported here by mistake, but I'm interested to see what's going on here." She replaces the dagger into its holder at the back of her belt, as a courtesy.

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As he walks closer to this topic he is quite sure it is dead judging by the vultures circling up in the sky. When he get's up close a swarm of fly  and the stench of a long dead topic greets him. 

- Well let's see what we having today. - Swiftly he search trough the pockets looking something what maybe has some value.  But finds nothing what is not a surprise for him. 

- Do you have any gold teeth my friend? What you say? I need to find out my self. Not a problem. - Playfully give a few friendly slaps on the cheek. What's make the rotting flesh and skin  slide down. 

-It's really suits you mate. - Says as he try to open the jaws. But he can't open them. - That is strange. Look mate you don't need to be so stiff relax a bit. - Giggles a little on his own joke as he gives another try. He still can't open it what's make him a bit angry. - Ok you piece of shishhhh  sorry where is my manners. - Laughs out loud- This is not nice way to talk. - As he stands up and stretching his back. - I don't get younger you know. Not that I getting older either. Third time lucky as they say. - And as he declares this superstitious saying. Tries to force the locked jaw down with the heels of hes boots. The bone brakes with a stomach churning noise. - Great more work for me, that was nicely done. - Pating his own shoulder. - Hope at least it isn't worth it. - Just as I was thinking nothing. - Say it as he standing up again. - If you ready we can start? - Looks at the corpse expecting for some reaction. - Ok if you say so. 


Pulls out a book from his backpack. Whats looks like a very nice example of anthropodemic bibliopegy. 

-Hello sweetheart you was missing daddy? Daddy  was missing you. - Stroking the cover of the book such a gentle way how people stroking they loved one. 

He open's it up where the bookmark was putted in advance. Put's the open book on the chest of the corpse. - Let's see what I will need. - As he browsing the list starts whistling the melody of Happy birthday. 

The first object what getting out is a five inch tall onyx statue of Earth Mother that is placed right side of the head upside down. To symbolise the unnatural birth.  

Second item is a mock slate head stone. Whats get stick above the head. It is a symbol of the final resting place. And will be broken under the ritual. 

The third item is a small wooden box what's hide a small, plump and  pale maggot. A death maggot if we want to be precise. - You going to puppet slowly and I will have no use of you any more. - Declare it in a same how sad voice. - We had some fun together. But life don't stop ... well not most of the time. If you catching my drift - Winks at the corpse. Gently pinch the maggot and put it on the body where is the heart. 

The final object what getting in to the sun light is a leather chalk holder. 

Starts drawing a circle around his dead "buddy". As the drawings starts to unfold an expert eye would see that he is drawing up a modified Nu- Ghah circle . The blue inner circle is replace with a red and to one unholy name a very rude word added. 

Finishing the drawing looks up checking out the orientation of the carcass. - That's not north is it. - Stats the obvious. - You don't make my life easier. I must say. 

With the sole of his boots starts to rub out some of the symbols. Half way thru he stops and looks at  the maggot then on the slat headstone and the statue. Wrinkles gather on his fore head as he try to solve some inner dilemma. A few minute pass as he stands motionless looking the stuff what he putted out. 

- Nahh fu.. this. It's not worth the effort.  - Quickly he puts back everything. Stand's up and leave never looking back again. 

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On 4/19/2018 at 7:49 PM, Sylvannas Zulaman said:

/me feels like she's in one of those old public chat rooms RPG themed that had a tavern setting for all kinds of characters and suddenly feels really really old.

having entered the tavern looks around in silent angst before picking out an empty table in the farthest, darkest corner ... (or high in the rafters, pick one)



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Maddy enters the bar, banging her horns into the bottom of the swinging saloon doors and making a mental note to duck when she exits. Seeing a chalk outline around a corpse on the floor, she peers around suspiciously and spots a flowing mane draped over the edge of an empty table, high overhead, teetering on a bird poop covered rafter in the farthest, darkest corner. She squints briefly, hoping to more clearly discern what kind of creature owns the flowing locks, and then remembers why she came.

It'd been a difficult day, a long day, a hot day, one of those days you think will never end, like that nyan cat video a forum friend posts that keeps you awake for 33 hours, or those diatribes by conservatives with bees in their bonnet whinging about hive-minds, or the faux intellectual responses that grow in your edit window until you work up the good sense to spike them and sink your teeth into a dill pickle from the fridge. This day needed to end, and end soon, preferably with her head down on the bar, in a puddle of root-beer and drool... but the bar was out of reach.

Unable to scale the slippery legs of a barstool, she looks for something easier to climb... and spots a lion, stirring what appears to be an aquarium...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1277 days.

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