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I keep crashing in certain sims.

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Hi folks,

I have quite an old computer now eight years old, quad core Amd with 4gb of ram and a more recent Nvidia geforece 710 passive graphics card, I believe it has 2gb of ram.

I just keep crashing in busy sims probably where the lag is high, and a lot of people around. I have updated graphics driver, tried both firestorm and second life official viewers but still same result. I have both windows 7 and windows 10 on my desktop computer, but on both OS same things happens.

Any ideas, (other than to stay clear of the sims I crash in) appreciated. It works well in a lot of other sims.

Many thanks

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I successfully ran SL on a 2006 gaming PC upgraded to 3GB RAM on Ubuntu 32 bit... you might want to give give Ubuntu a try (and if you can live without the adress bar go for singularity alpha instead of firestorm as it uses less resources - with those old machines each straw counts ;) )

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1 hour ago, Fionalein said:

go for singularity alpha instead of firestorm

Dr. Singularity's FrenkenViewer is 64 bit and will not run on a 32 bit machine/os...

Try Catznip instead, Forget win 10, use win 7, and google for the 3gb per app boot switch, that will ease the problem slightly.

Do not attempt to play skyrim or watch netflix while logged into SL, keep your draw distance low, and in really busy areas, press crtl-alt-shift-4 to toggle avatar rendering on and off, derendering ALL 30 avatars at a busy club means you are less likely to crash.


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