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Seeking Family for a new Ancient Rome Sim!

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Ave All! I Am seeking a few people to join in my family on a new sim that is opening Officially on the 22nd!  It is an Ancient Rome sim called the Anarchy of Rome.   The sim is stunningly built, and the story and overall theme is pure perfection and very interesting... I Am a para Rper, so Full para to medium is preferred. I Am on Eastern time zone.  The positions I have available are as follows. 


Father: IC head of the house... Character would be ICly beyond wealthy, and have all say over the family. Characters age Late 30s to mid 40s( Most important ) 

Mother:  Married to my IC father.  Age late 30s to mid 40s Icly. 

Siblings: Two older brothers.  Ages 19-26  The oldest of the two would  take over for our father if he was absent, or no longer on sim. 

Slaves: Looking for one of two house slaves. 


Features of the family...    Blue, brown, or light brown eyes.  Dark brown, or black hair.  Lightly Tan. Tall. 

Any others Questions Please PM Me in World

Alitthea Resident ( Alivia ) 

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