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Seeking like minded Antagonists

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I am searching for like-minded antagonists/ villains to join a Multi-Genre Family that plays in Fantasy, Supernatural/Urban Roleplay. I know I know the word Family brings to mind small child avatars, parents, grandparents, and such. We are not like that. We are all adults. We call ourselves a family due to the fact we a Dark Father that keeps us in line, and we treat each other like family. We squabble, we harass each other, trust each other, confide and vent to each other. We also play other games outside of SL to avoid the Burn out that often comes with long days or weeks of Roleplay. We also support each other when Real Life(Gasp! That thing!) comes to throw curve balls at us. We are always talking either it is in SL or Discord, but we are always talking and supporting each other. 

We have a rich history that is always being added to, that we are proud of. Established Halloween of 2017, we are still small but our stories go back to the founding members and their desire to have a group that not only supports each other out of Roleplay but in Roleplay as well.

As for our Roleplay. We are open to new and great ideas. We love Fantasy and Supernatural and enjoy the Antagonist/Villain Roles. We do have a soft side for those we call friends but often times we thrive on being dark, out for ourselves and hell has no fury for anyone that gets in our way type characters. If this is something you like then please contact us.

The Hallow Family Website

Or come Visit at:

Lost Hope, Home of the Hallow Family


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