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Hello my name is Clover and I'm looking to make a job in SL. 

My skills are: Retexturing and texturing, digital art (not mesh), talking and being friendly. 

I am currently looking up how to be a mesh artist, dancer, and hostess but if I could get training I'd be fine. 


I have pretty ratty clothing on right now, a hoodie crop top and a skirt that doesn't match but I am scavenging! Trying to earn some L$ to look decent lol.

I'm usually on at 11 to 5am -07:00 (mountain/arizona time)

I speak fluent English, I am of age to do things 18+, my SL account is fairly new, but I have the basics down I do believe. Send me a link in world, tell me where to go to apply, or tell me what to do if interested in having me! :)

If interested in commissions here is My Forum

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