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Charlene Trudeau

Unacceptable Viewer Behavior - Chat Logs deleted with Uninstall

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I try really hard not to rabble rouse or trash SL, the viewer or Linden Labs, but every now and then something happens I just can't live with and I'm forced to express my dissatisfaction. Today, after installing the latest of the daily snowstorm viewers, I encountered unacceptable behavior forcing me to uninstall and reinstall to an earlier viewer of this dev viewer. Ok, I expect problems in the dev viewer, I really do. So uninstalling and reinstalling was NOT a problem. However, I watched in horror as the program proceeded to delete my chat logs as part of the uninstall. All my chat logs. All my chat logs carefully copied from hard drive to hard drive over YEARS so that I always looked like I knew who I was talking to, what we'd discussed last and could continue on like they were the only focus of my SL universe. And now I'm here, carefully restoring from my last system backup and will have to suffer the Alzheimer's short term memory loss with all the current people that I should be right on top of. I'll look stupid, I'll feel stupid and I have to believe this is improper behavior for any program to delete associated files that were asked to be saved. This would be like uninstalling photoshop and having every image file on my hard drive wiped. Needless to say, I am NOT happy. I'm not the only one not happy. Please see: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-280 If you agree this is unacceptable behavior please vote and watch this JIRA for action. 'Minor' priority my...... . Sincerely, Charlene Trudeau Owner, SkyBeam Estates

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