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Count Burks


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Dear Resident,

Available for rent is a commercial ADULT rated tropical beach island located by the ocean on a Class 8 sim.

This commercial island which is 16384 metres in size or 128 by 128 metres in surface, comes with full terraforming and 5000 prims to build your store, adult club or even a home.

The island comes with full landscaping capabilities to enable creating the setting you have in mind for your commercial activities in world.

Should you wish to have a smaller surface with less prims but also Adult rated that is possible as well. Count Burks Estates can deliver you any size of land and prims that you desire for your club home or store. You can just IM Count Burks to speak about your land needs and we will find a solution so that you can build based on your requirements.

Click there to TELEPORT to the island.


Contact Count Burks in world with all your questions that you have about the island. Count Burks can also deliver you a larger island size with more prims if you desire. You can find the tier meter to pay your rent in the corner of the island.


Count Burks


Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price


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