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~Red Light District~ is currently seeking EXPERIENCED staff. Must be older than 30 days, have previous experience and know how to emote and use adboards. We do not have a weekly hour requirement, we do however, ask that you agree to our standards prior to employment. Must be able to speak English.

AFK staff is required to rent an unfurnished apartment room, 100L a week with a 50 prim allowance. That includes a free adboard with a direct teleport to your room.

Men are needed for our "It's Raining Men" promotion held on Mondays running all day long.

We are offering FREE adboards for Escorts/Dancers and Business for the first week of rental, see the information inworld.

Accept the rules notecard and rename it, then drop it into the mailbox or send it to myself or Raven Firethorn.

_Red Light District_ Night view.jpg

Raining men.jpg

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38 minutes ago, KimchiKH said:

please send for offer teleport

Hint ... rather be active and do it yourself, instead of waiting for something highly unlikely to happen... ;)

Open up Search inworld and either search for the location (first hit in the results) or search for the poster's name and check their profile picks... voila, there's your "teleport".

Or click the SLURL in the PR post that the poster has conveniently pos... oh, never mind.

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