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Looking for a daddy

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Hello, I'm looking for a daddy on sl that wants a cute baby girl! I'm a kind, a gentle and sweet person who loves to go out and have fun sometimes. So in a Daddy, I'm looking for a kind daddy, that is still a bit dominating and wants some company. I like to roleplay and have some fun, so I don't mind being teased and pleased. I would prefer that my Daddy would be ok with femboi's as well because I do have one. The main things I need in a daddy is... 

  • Must be mesh ( i like a nice body to look at) 
  • Must be ok with femboi's 
  • Must be into roleplay and likes to cuddle/dominate (nothing overdone where you're stalking me) 
  • Must be into going shopping and spending time together. 
  • into anime too or at least ok with it. 

Feel free to IM me inworld, I'm a sweetie. Also this will be strictly sl 




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