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Scripter For Hire - Custom Scripts Available

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I am a programmer with 4 years experience in scripting with LSL. I enjoy building custom systems ground-up and will provide low lag solutions to my customer's specifications.

I can write scripts for tip jars, club systems, dialog menus, detections, HUDs and vendors to more advanced systems such as pose systems, RLV, vehicles, pathfinding, weaponry, SL experiences and HTTP for external coms to websites and databases. (Also experienced in HTML/CSS, php, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Python and Javascript )

Script adaptations and library resources if used will be fully cited.

I work closely with my clients providing working demos of their products with full perm models (with user license) on completion and delivery. Note: Models will be mockups to present the functioning script, clients must finalize prim designs and builds themselves.

Price is  L$15000 upfront and L$5000/hour with negotiable cap above 5 hours..

As much as I enjoy scripting, in doing many projects for clients I have learned that even the tiniest job can turn into a massively time-consuming, complicated and tedious task.

This happens almost always and unfortunately I do not have the time to spend on your dildo or kitchen spatuala or fix some badly made script unless I'm properly compensated for it.

Sorry, I'm a nice guy but no. I have had to let go many clients because their project turned into a monster that ate up my life so if you want to hire me please consider if your project is worth that much to you as I'm only prepared to work for people who understand and respect the process and hours put into it.

The price you'll be paying is the standard price for any freelance web developer.

Proof of work will be live streamed and screenshot.

Clients may also visit my workshop to see the progress made on their projects.

Delivery may be a few hours to weeks dependent on my RL schedule.

IM me inworld or visit The Script Yard for a consultation. If I'm offline IMs will go to email and will get back to you ASAP. (Forwarning: Adult rated profile)

Copy/paste this link to the nearby chat window in your viewer, press enter then click on my name in chat to open my profile:


Script Yard LM:


Marketplace Store:


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