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I have been on Second Life 12 days and everyday I hopped from one sim to the next in search of the ever so elusive play partner(s) I want and I am beginning to give up hope on ever finding them. I am seeking a dominant play partner who is:

- Preferably male avatar but your gender doesn't matter. 

- Young enough for us to understand each other.

- Understands the difference between real life and role play/second life. 

- Who respects me and my limits and my needs. Who is willing to build our characters relationship.

- Who can write descriptively (I am not demanding, two sentences and a line of dialogue is all I need)

- And who is woke enough to be okay with the fact that I am a (trans) male writing as a female avatar.

- Who understand multi-verse and multi-ship does not mean polyamory. You can play with whoever you want and so can I as long as it doesn't affect our storyline. (No metagaming and no bringing up other partners because they exist in a different universe.)


My limits include human toilet play, abandonment, denial of aftercare, and anything with furry or animals. Possessive and controlling partners are cool as long as it is in character, otherwise that is a huge trigger for my PTSD. 

Please, for the love of god, don't demand I be your slave. That is unrealistic unless we are RPing in a different world or time period where slavery is a thing. If you want a slave in the bdsm sense of the word, earn it. You don't get to be someone's master in one day. 

Final note: trans boy means I was assigned female at birth, not the opposite. I identify as male. 






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