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Paige Actor

Looking for a Collections type Script

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I will try to explain what I am looking for ..

I want to be able to make a sticker (a panda for example)  .. and once i click on the panda sticker it will show up in a sticker collections book.  The original panda sticker can be trashed and cant be used any more and then you just go about getting more stickers to click on and add to a book


It doesnt have to be a book either.. can be a board you put in your house (sort of like those chore charts that display a sticker when someone does a chore??)


I have a million ideas for stickers but want a place where people can display the ones they own already.. plus if they already have  .. the panda sticker they can sell it (like a gatcha resale item) or trade it ..until they get the complete set.


I hope this makes sense! I dont know a thing about scripting .. I only know how to make the stickers and the boards/books lol

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there was a typo in the title

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