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Cheap Starter Home Rental

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Looking for a cheap starter home rental? Then I might just have the perfect place for you!

No premium account required to rent this land

The house provided offers:

Living Area
1 Bathroom
2 Bedrooms - 1 w/ a walk in closet
Hallway closet

Dont like the house provided or the landscaping? No problem! We can always swap out houses or change up the landscaping to your desire within reason.




For just L$100 a week or L$15 per day this place could be yours.

100 Prim Allowance

*Prices and prim allowance can be adjusted slightly.

Contact кαтɛʀιηα נ. ʀσѕɛ (foxieroxie243 Resident) for more information or questions.

Visit the plot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fieldore/81/105/52




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