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Daily Chakra Tune-Up



Every day at 10AM SLT

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Che Che/47/114/58


These sessions are not only beneficial for the energy centres but they also are great for those that have just started meditating or have difficulty meditating. Since we strike one of the singing bowls every 2 minutes you will get help refocusing back to your meditation. I promise that after a few sessions you'll become a pro at meditating. ;-)

Duration: 20-25 min
Facilitator: Elijah Pyritha

What we'll do:
Elijah will start the meditation by striking the Tibetan Singing Bowls one by one. Each bowl makes the sound (frequency & vibration) corresponding with one of the body's 7 major energy centres. We start with the root chakra and end with the crown chakra. The sounds you'll hear are of RL singing bowls. You may visualize filling the energy centre with light that is the colour of the chakra (the singing bowl will show the colour) while the bowl plays. You may also simply imagine love pouring into the area and filling it with warmth and healing. If you would like to tone your voice with the bowls, you can feel or see the vibrations from the bowl and your voice joining to balance the chakra.

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