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I first wanted to start off with a big hello and thank you for checking out this post, along with an apology for its length lol. I kind of wanted to lay all the cards out on the table so to speak so there are not any surprises. I have this same basic format with more details/info about me listed in a google doc which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19LPTNMRJHQSdhHj-wCaBVyAEMpLYl187wpw0W4_0aig/edit?usp=sharing   I know some people don't trust links which I totally understand, which is why I have provided the more condensed version below. Happy reading and feel free to contact me in world, Foxieroxie243 Resident. ~

Name: кαтɛʀιηα נ. ʀσѕɛ (Foxieroxie243 Resident)


RP: 25 ( Willing to change. )

RL: 22


Ohio, EST SLT +3

Looking for:

In SL: A RP relationship / Family

In RL: Nothing as I am already taken in RL.

You may ask why am I even looking for a RP relationship on SL if I am with someone in RL? Well the answer to that is mostly just the RP aspect of things along with companionship. I am an avid roleplayer and enjoy it a lot ( I get more into this further in). I really do miss having a roleplay buddy / partner and just someone to enjoy the rp story / life with throughout the day. A partner in crime, a person to just chill and hangout with on different rp sims, or even just bum around the house and make goofy posts back and forth. It becomes boring and rather dull just roleplaying by yourself all the time and quite frankly I’m getting tired of it.

I LOOOVVVEEE roleplay and spend most of my time on community roleplay sims. When I’m not on one I am typically standing around the house or out at a shopping events/blogging haha. Roleplay has been a big part of just my overall online experience, even before the times of SL, and it’s something I have been doing for approximately 8-9 years now. I really enjoy it and would love to find a person that I can roleplay and have fun with. It’s one of the big things that I am looking for in a family/relationship. I would really love and enjoy roleplaying all aspects of life for example: meal times, waking up, baths, playing, cooking, taking the kids to school, even going to the grocery store, family trips, camping..etc. The little things that would happen in a daily life... yes that does include taking the kids to the doctors to get a checkup or shots for school haha.

A small example of a post I might do is… /me would softly hum to herself in the kitchen as she whisked away at the eggs within the stainless steel bowl in her grasp. The scent of freshly brewed coffee, bacon and vanilla hung in the morning air as she started to prepare a small batch of waffles for everyone to enjoy this morning for breakfast. Her soft brown hues scanned over the small recipe on the back of the box, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything, she would never forget the mistake of grabbing the salt instead of the sugar the last time she had made them…. Still never hear the end of that… she thought. Kat shook her head slightly, chuckling to herself as she tossed in a small handful of fresh blueberries into the mixture before spraying down the hot plates of the waffle maker with nonstick spray. The slight haze that has been left behind would slowly fall from the air as she scooped a cup of the batter into the waffle maker which sizzled with life upon contact, before closing the lid back down upon the mixture. It wouldn't be long before the scent of the cooking waffles would soon fill the house with its inviting aroma.-

Breakdown of what I am looking for:

  • Age range: I could care less what age you rp or are in rl as long as it doesn't break TOS.
  • Proper Grammar. Pleaseeeee capitalize your I’s and spell out you ><. I’m not perfect when it comes to my own grammar but that just “grinds my gears” as some would say. Gestures are okay when used at appropriate times, if they aren’t spammed nonstop.
  • A lover of detailed or at least moderate roleplay.
  • It takes time to get to know you and vice versa. I am not in a rush to jump into anything right away with just anyone, I want to take my time and find the right fit.
  • I am rather picky about how my own avi looks and try to keep things up to date as much as possible. I know it’s a rather shallow thing to say, but I would like my partner to look good as well.


If you have made it this far through the rambling and still haven't run for the hills then you might be a perfect fit haha. All in all I’m a very easygoing and understanding person so just shoot me a message or NC in world so we can chat and see if we would be a perfect match. Hope to hear from you soon!




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