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On methods of trial versions for items.

- Time limited things which delete themselves after a period of time. As discussed in another thread this is common for rezzables.

- DEMO labels to prevent misuse by making them impractical to use without looking dumb. Bleeds into the next point. If they like it, they will buy it to get rid of this. Hair and mesh parts generally have this.

- Limited functionality items, crippled versions of full items. People may want to upgrade.

- Sample items. Like at the grocery store these are examples of other products but without variety or quantity. I've seen this with eyes and some nomod clothing. This can paint you as generous and drive people to your shop.

What do you prefer, for what type of item and why? Obviously only certain methods can be used for certain types of items.

Secondly, strategies and logic behind demos besides just making a single sale. Pros.

- A demo reaches possible customers who might not even be interested in your products, and gives better metrics on what is grabbing attention.

- People see your item in the MP, click the page, and then leave. If there is a demo or sample you can avoid losing people here.

- Promotes confidence and trust in your product, and possibly your shop in general.

- Encourages returning customers to purchase more products, seeing that new items of the quality they expect are being released.

- It saves the amount of description and display you have to do of a product by allowing people to model it themselves.

- There is an advantage over shops who do not offer demos as you offer better service.

- You could have the item message them thanking them for trying the demo, purchase if they liked it, link the shop, and ask for a review. They can contain landmarks and other ads for your shop.

Feel free to add anything I missed.

Lastly, cons.

- There is a time and Linden investment in making good trials and samples.

- Can be negative if not done properly.

- You need to make it worth it. Metrics metrics metrics.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 900 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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